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Game of thrones vs spartacus, Francais throne looking up Game to family

Every episode was exciting and enthralling. The acting was so good that I started to feel emotionally attached to a lot of the characters. For example, pride for Spartacus, and hate for Glaber.

Game Of Thrones Vs Spartacus

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I think I prefer Spartacus What I really don't like about Game of Throne is the jumping between story plots Its like made for short attention span This is understandable when they are trying to bring them together so they are showing things happening at the same time, but Spartacus is nowhere near as good. I really, really dislike the fact that it seems like whenever they needed to put a vulgar word into the script they were like "Hey just sprinkle the word 'cock' throughout the episode! I think that was the second series so maybe it's gotten better but man, I don't think I could go back.

Game of Thrones is on such a higher level of production values, scale, writing, acting and general epic-ness that Spartacus just doesn't have the ability to reach. I liked Spartacus for a while but GoT just blew it out of the water with far more interesting characters, a great setting and just a more entertaining package. I feel like GoT is a show that every adult should try to watch in the same way as they should try to watch BSG, its not the setting or genre, its the relatable characters and clever writing that make these great shows HBO money also helps.

Game of Thrones is just much better done than Spartacus.

Spartacus is blood porn, and highly entertaining, but Game of Thrones is an intricately woven tapestry of political intrigue and medieval style politics. The production values on Game of Thrones are also much higher, making for a prettier experience.

I personally don't think that these two are truly comparable because this is compared pulp to a masterpiece. Edit: I also get really tired of Spartacus' style kills, with the slow mo into the hyper fast strikes. After a while watching a man mid leap screaming and about to thrust his sword gets grating after a while. Its a cheap gimmick I wish they would use much more sparingly.

Why spartacus is more groundbreaking and hardcore than game of thrones

Spartacus looked pretty shitty to me, judging by the trailers, so I didn't watch it. It really just seemed like a crappy version of Rome or something. I really like both but I chose Spartacus because I love that even with so much cursing, they manage to make the dialog sound poetic in some way. Furthermore, I'm deeply invested in the characters and thus the S3 finale left a lasting impression.

Vengeance all around!

Game of thrones or spartacus?

As for Game of Thrones, it's still really hard to keep the characters' names straight and there's only been one full season so far, so naturally it has a disadvantage. While some characters are fun to watch, I'm not invested in any of them really and it's hard for me to find something to identify with. While Game of Thrones is a quality show that has very high production value, big name actors, a successful series of books to draw from and lots of hype surrounding it, Spartacus to me has more heart and I feel it gets easily dismissed because the violence and nudity might seem gratuitous on first glance and the first few episodes weren't that great.

Due to the real-life-death of the titular character, it has been hard to adjust to the new face s one of the supporting actresses has been replaced as well so things are definitely not running as smoothly as they seem to do on Game of Thrones, but, at least to me, Spartacus has more heart and characters are easier to identify with so far. Game of Thrones just isn't very well written.

Spartacus vs game of thrones

It is filled with exposition and frequently jumbles around character traits in order to further the plot. I dislike it when characters don't act characteristically. Furthermore they are trying to cram in far too much story in a single season.

I felt like Clash Of Kings dragged a bit so maybe they can make some smart cuts here and keep the rest of season 2 from feeling so schizophrenic, but I'm not convinced. Peter Dinklage. Funkydupe : The first guy died of cancer. Instead of ending the show they decided to throne him and keep it going.

Game of Thrones is one of the greatest televisions shows of the last decade. It's so amazing. StealthRaptor : hahahaha! There is a reason that it is so highly regarded and one of the highest rated shows on TV.

PlasmaBeam44 : i agree its good to have a big tv spartacus going like the game of thrones. I am currently on book 4 but im still nervous to talk or watch anything about it because of spoilers. WonderboyCoz said:. Sooty : indeed my good sir, indeed! I thought the first season of Spartacus was alright but the second was crap. Though I am a fan of Game of Thrones and liked the books, as well as the first season for the most part. After watching Spartacus's horrible pilot, I've been pleasantly surprised at what a fantastic show it has become.

I thought it would just be gore-porn, but it turned into a ballsy, compelling drama. That game, it can't compare to my love of Game of Thrones. WonderboyCoz : Yes it's because of marketing, good casting and a unique fantasy setting grounded in reality, combined with the massive popularity of the books. The writers are very good at witty dialogue, and that seems like more than enough for most people.

That's fine and I don't mean to be bitter about it. But my screenwriting professors would have torn me apart if I ever created story structures, began subplots or delivered world building information the way they do. Spartacus which i also love is just ridiculous violence and sex.

It is game of thrones without the story. I will continue to watch both. Even though spartacus just ended the 2nd season. StealthRaptor : Well you know what they say, those who cant do, teach. I have zero problem with the way the story is delivered, in fact I thought the first season was excellently paced and easy to follow if you actually payed attention.

Season 2 seems to be going with a faster pace, we will have to see how that turns out but the publications that have seen the first half of the season seem to think it works really well. StealthRaptor : Not well written? The intricacies of the first season were known to both readers of the book and watchers of the show.

Spartacus is better than game of thrones.

The story that Game of Thrones tells is far more difficult and expansive that the traditional narrative of fantasy or historical fiction shows. Critics have praised its writing and storytelling ability and 3. I think its high time you rewatch the first season with utmost attention. Game of Thrones - it has an intricate plot that got translated into TV pretty well.

Spartacus is too much flash, too little substance. I'm obviously fond of both shows but I just happen to enjoy myself more watching spartacus, even though it also jumps around.

There's just too much camera cutting in game thrones and no seamless transitions from room to room. From this episode, I think it would have made a huge difference if there was for instance a seamless transition between when they walked into the camp of the guy who has sex with his daughters and into the house, without feeling like a totally different scene.

I actually love the way GoT does context transitions where one character will basically say something related to the next scene before it comes. For example, the scene where Osha talks about a comet meaning dragons and then looks up at the comet which then pans down to the desert and Dani with her dragons. Very cool.

Game of thrones finale vs. spartacus finale

StealthRaptor said:. Spartacus is fine if you want to turn off your brain and game watch something with profanity, tits, and excessive violence. But it's not a good show. That said, it's a fun show to watch, but it isn't a good show. Game of Thrones on the other hand has top writing throughout, amazing acting, properly handed violence, incredible cinematography and set pieces, but sex scenes that feel like they don't belong. And the numerous awards and nominations speak for themselves. Tyrion himself is a better character, and a throne acted character, than the entire cast of Spartacus combined.

Except for Peter Mensah. I've held a soft spot for him ever since Gerard Butler kicked him in a hole. Doctorchimp : I didn't want to respond so bluntly. Tyrion: In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my cock. Thrones for depth of story and rich character development. One is drama, the other is Grindhouse. I haven't seen Game of Thrones, but Spartacus is just trying to be dumb "brain junk food". It's easy to just stop thinking and watch people getting killed in showers of blood and gratuitous use of slow motion.

In that way I find it enjoyable. Spartacus is no good but I keep watching it to see how ridiculous it gets. I've only seen the first two episodes of Game of Thrones but so far I'm not impressed. So I guess I'd say neither at this point. Well I'm definitely on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Have just given my dad my copy of Game of Thones the novel hoping to spread on the spartacus.

Game of Thrones, I watched Spartacus time and time again, people keep telling me its so good but I just can't get into it and the action is too fake for me. Overly fake that is. I prefer the constant talking and scheming of GoT. Doctorchimp said:. I do, and I don't think I could do a better job.