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Games are great. But what happens when you get bored with the textures of a game? You make a texture pack.

What if your texture pack wants memes and Now, it's time to start your own repaint. You can choose any game that supports textures, though try to be unique. Try to avoid repainting games other people have already done.

After choosing which game to repaint, it's time to get your materials. If you're planning to do it on computer only, download the emulator which supports the game's system and a ROM of the game itself.

Where either of these will be is something that cannot be discussed for legal reasons, so Google will be your best answer. If you're planning to do it on both a computer and game console, be sure to dump the game first. Skip this paragraph and the next one if you plan to do your repaint privately.

Games repainted tutorial

These folders will allow other people to submit textures and for you to accept or reject them. Create the following folders:. You can create sorted and unsorted versions if you would like to. Don't put anything of your own in this folder. After you have done that, it's time to make a Google Doc. Some common and good rules to include in your doc are: No Racist, Sexist, etc textures, try not the get political, and keep common jokes to a limit. Whatever you want NSFW textures or not is completely up to you.

You'll also want to include a FAQ and links to the drive folders. Once everything instructed above is done, It's time to tell people about your repaint.

You can tell people about it on the Games Repainted discord, the Games Repainted subreddit, the Repaint Catalog, your YouTube channel, your Twitterany thing you would like. Once your repaint is completely done, you can share it with the internet for other people to play. You can also submit it to Games Repainted and have a chance for your repaint to be featured on one of their streams.

A Newbie's Guide to Game Repa By Novakobx22 0 0. Create the following folders: - Unedited: The original dumped textures from the game.

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