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Gay cum dump stories, I am story Gay that cum dumps

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Gay Cum Dump Stories

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Forgot your password? The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college started out as the most boring summer of my life.

Age: 40
Caters to: Man
I can speak: English, Polish
My figure features: My body features is quite slim
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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. Game days came and went but this particular one ended up being memorable as basically a cumfest for me from beginning to end, although it wasn't planned.

Bareback city, part 06

Basically halfway through the second quarter I went out to the bathrooms. I picked the one not a lot of people knew about because it was less crowded.

When I got in there I was amused to find a new glory hole had been made I thought I might as well stick around for a few minutes just to see if anything would come up. Sure enough in a couple minutes someone else came in and went to the next stall, and after peeing, tapped their feet and soon a long hard cock slid through the hole. I got down and sucked it off like I loved to so much, and soon the guy shot a nice big hot load down my throat. I decided to hang out for a couple more minutes. Good thing I did. About five minutes later I heard at least five or six guys come in together.

I figured the guy I sucked off told them about the glory hole, so I was happy I stayed to help. I started sucking off cocks as they came through, getting one more load down my throat. Then one of the guys said, "Just come on out so we can fuck you, if you're up for that. For the next twenty minutes or so I had a cock in my ass and one in my mouth at all times.

I asked them to cum in my hole, so I got four of those in there. While the last one was sliding his thick cock in and out of my wet sloppy ass the door opened and two more guys walked in. Soon they had their cocks hanging out and hard and ready for my holes as well.

It turned into a bit of a revolving door after that, and before I knew it an hour and a half had gone by and I had had twenty four cocks in me and 22 lo in my ass, much of which was now on the floor. I went back out and ed my fraternity brothers who had no idea the cumslut I had just been. After the game and partying I went back to my apartment, which also happened to house a lot of the football team.

High school cumdump: 1

It was late, but the door to the kicker, Tom's apartment, was still open. I didn't know him that well but it was late and it wouldn't seem weird, so I went and said hi. He had about four other players in his apartment drinking and passing around a large bong, and they invited me in.

I tried to hide my massive hardon, since I had fantasized dirty things about everyone in the room before, plus I still had a hole full of anonymous lo. Naturally conversation turned to sex eventually and I don't remember how but the point that I liked being fucked was made and commented on. By now everyone was very drunk and very high and therefore very blunt, particularly the quarterback himself, who said, "I'd love to just stick my dick in your pussy right now," and laughed lightly.

The other guys sort of nodded agreement. I took off my clothes and bent over doggy style so Mr. Quarterback could have the first fuck. I felt him sliding something very hard and thick into my sloppy hole, and he noticed it too.

Becoming a cum dump ch. 01

That's fucking the best, man! Each of them would occasionally say things about fucking my cunt or sperming my pussy or things like that, which just made everything better. By the time Tom got to my hole his teammates had shot four more lo in me and I was overflowing. I was shocked when he leaned down and licked the cum from my hole like it was the most normal thing in the world, then jammed his giant cock into my well used ass with a grateful moan.

For whatever reason the others also got hard again and took turns cumming on my face and in my mouth, and then Tom let out a mighty scream and dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into my overflowing hole. It slurped out as he pulled his dick out, and he licked it up again before I gathered my clothes, said my thanks, and went back to my apartment to crash, my holes full of hot lo of cum.

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Gay cum dump stories

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