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Girl crotch grab, I liked seeking friend who crotches dancers

It's not often that Twitter really causes me to despair, but on Monday, a woman I usually consider an intelligent, open-minded, articulate feminist, did just that with this demand: "Rihanna: please take your hand off your vagina, we can all see you, you utter, utter disgrace to womankind.

Girl Crotch Grab

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What does this mean? Now, there is no question that what this young man did was wrong.

He was found guilty of his crime, but his punishment would have been more severe had it been considered a sex crime. Christians should be outraged by this decision. But the problem is that the source of this injustice is the paragon of all evangelical hope to correct all the wrongs done in our country since prayer was taken out of schools.

And now Trump is being used by the courts to make sexual assault a normal thing. We wanted to protect unborn babies and now we have just made it easier to sexually victimize young girls. I understand that most Christians were given little to no option to elect Trump into office, but before Trump took on Hillary in the presidential election he had to defeat his Republican peers in the primaries.

It is those Christians who supported him during the primaries who are most responsible for this outcome. It may be unfair to think that the pro-life movement is solely responsible for this development, but those who jumped on the Trump bandwagon early on did seem mostly interested in the pro-life agenda.

They were also strong nationalists in the Fundamentalist tradition of Christianity, being the ideology that believes that the ultimate vision for the Christian faith is to make America a Christian nation. The pro-life and Christian-right agenda may sound righteous and motivated by genuine Christian principles, but when the rubber meets the road who are the ones who will pay the price for this new ideology?

It will not be the politicians. It will not be the businessmen. Like the 15 year old girl who had her genitals grabbed by an older male has learned, the victims of the new moral high ground are going to be women.

It will be women who have to care for unwanted pregnancies or resort to back-alley abortions in unsafe conditions. I am deeply concerned for the state of affairs for women as our nation moves forward with Trump as our president, and this is one verifiable case study of how women will suffer with Trump in office. No matter what you think will be accomplished in the political process, there will always be those who suffer from the choices made with good intentions.

Girl grabbing crotch

The victims and the marginalized in our society are a telling of what system of power we have unleashed upon the public. Corbin Croy was born in Spokane and grew up in Post Falls.

Together they have four children, and try to live as simply and honestly as possible. Tags christians and trump sexual assault sexual assault and culture sexual assault and women trump and sexual assault trump and women.

Though I doubt reincarnation occurs, the idea that this could be part of the natural universe is independent from whether or not any god s are operating behind or through it. Share this story! About the Author Latest Posts. Ask An Atheist: What happens after death? Next The Bible — helpful, but not read much.