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Girl turns into werewolf, Into girl guy that turns champagne

Like vampires and zombies, werewolves never seem to go out of style. No matter how grown-up we may think we are, we are forever receptive to the allure of a good bedtime story.

Girl Turns Into Werewolf

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In mythology and literature, a werewoman or were-woman is a woman who has taken the form of an animal through a process of lycanthropy. The use of the word "were" refers to the ability to shape-shift but is, taken literally, a contradiction in terms since in Old English the word "wer" means man.

Age: 50
What is my ethnicity: English
Sex: Fem
I can speak: English, Greek
Figure features: My figure features is medium-build
My tattoo: None

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PG min Comedy, Fantasy, Horror. An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection. PG 94 min Action, Horror, Mystery.

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves. Votes: 66, R 91 min Horror.

After a bizarre and near deadly encounter with a serial killer, a television newswoman is sent to a remote mountain resort whose residents may not be what they seem. PG 97 min Comedy, Horror. A werewolf loose in Los Angeles changes the lives of three young adults who, after being mauled by the beast, learn they must kill it in order to avoid becoming werewolves themselves. Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy, Horror.

Two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf. R min Comedy, Fantasy, Horror. An American man unwittingly gets involved with French werewolves who have developed a serum allowing them to transform at will. TV Comedy, Crime, Drama. A group of misfit cops rise up from decades of helplessness to save their corrupt city from catastrophe. Votes: 4, Elena navigates her life between the human world and the werewolf world as the only female of the species.

Votes: 17, R 91 min Action, Fantasy, Horror. A boy is trying to find out about his family history and stumbles upon a town of lycans.

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Votes: 8, R 93 min Comedy, Horror. A babysitting uncle tells his nephew three horror stories about killer witches, Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf, and "Goldi Lox" and the three bears. R 91 min Horror, Thriller. A man discovers that his sister was a werewolf, and helps an investigator track down a gang of the monsters through the United States and eastern Europe. Votes: 6, R 94 min Horror, Thriller. Ginger's sister Brigitte, now a werewolf herself, must try to find a cure for her blood lust before the next full moon while hiding out in a rehab clinic from a relentless werewolf.

Votes: 13, PG min Animation, Drama, Fantasy. After her werewolf lover unexpectedly dies in an accident while hunting for food for their children, a young woman must find ways to raise the werewolf son and daughter that she had with him while keeping their trait hidden from society. Votes: 41, PG 93 min Horror, Mystery. Eight people have been invited to an island estate for the weekend.

One of them is a werewolf.

Can you guess which one? Votes: 3, PG 98 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. A teenage werewolf is torn between honoring her family's secret and her love for a man. Not Rated 92 min Animation, Comedy, Family. While working as gym teachers at an all-girls finishing school, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Scrappy-Doo get tangled up in a monstrous mystery. Directors: Charles A. R 94 min Drama, Horror. Set in 19th Century Canada, Brigette and her sister Ginger take refuge in a Traders' Fort which later becomes under siege by some savage werewolves.

Votes: 10, TV 60 min Crime, Drama, Fantasy. A metropolitan police officer becomes chief of police in a gated suburban neighborhood where vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural entities reside. PG 94 min Comedy, Horror.

A female werewolf runs away from her family, and falls in love with a man who works in the movie business, while a sociologist who studies these creatures is looking for proof of their existence. R 94 min Horror. A successful author moves to a small town after suffering a mental breakdown and is tormented by demons and werewolves. WeissAntony HamiltonSusanne Severeid. Votes: 2, Passed 63 min Crime, Drama, Horror.

A young woman raised by gypsies hides a deadly secret which she will do anything to protect. Votes: R 81 min Action, Horror, Thriller. Sarah Tyler returns to her troubled family home in the isolated countryside, for a much put-off visit. As a storm rages outside, Sarah, her family and friends shore up for the night, cut See full summary ». R 86 min Horror. A present day erotic horror about an aristocratic woman who inherits her family's castle and with it the werewolf curse. R 81 min Crime, Horror, Thriller.

A sheriff makes a strange discovery when he gets called to an orchard where three teenage sisters have been attacked by a band of young delinquents. R 95 min Comedy, Horror. R 79 min Horror. A woman has dreams that she is a werewolf so she goes out and finds men. She proceeds to have sex with them and then rip their throats out with her teeth.

The first woman werewolf howls into view

She eventually falls in love but Votes: 1, R 90 min Horror. A of brutal, werewolf-like slayings begin occurring in a small California town after the arrival of an unfamiliar motorcyclist. R 99 min Horror. Unscrupulous archaeologists try to take advantage of an outbreak of lycanthropy prompted by the discovery of a werewolf skeleton in the Arizona desert. PG 93 min Comedy, Fantasy, Horror. A popular high school football player becomes a werewolf after a trip to Romania, and struggles to come to terms with his new reality.

Passed 61 min Crime, Horror, Mystery. A young heiress finds evidence suggesting that at night she acts under the influence of a family curse and has begun committing ghastly murders in a nearby park.

R 84 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. But suddenly mysterious deaths happen and Marie can feel something strange happening to her body. PG 90 min Comedy, Horror. After being bitten by a mysterious pet-shop owner, house-wife Leslie begins a gruesome transformation into a werewolf. Her only hope is her young daughter Jennifer who races against time to stop Leslie from turning into an animal for good. PG 86 min Horror. A man has had a werewolf curse cast upon him. If he doesn't get rid of it, he turns into a killer werewolf when the moon is full. TV-Y7 73 min Animation.

It's a new school year at Monster High! Howleen's dream of popularity becomes a possibility when she stumbles upon a genie who grants her not 3, but 13 wishes! Not Rated min Comedy, Horror. A romantic couple run from the law after accidentally killing one of their friends.

Indie film gives lycanthropy a modern update

They encounter every imaginable monster that has appeared in horror movies in a modern day version of Dante's Inferno. An LAPD cop, whose partner was murdered by a werewolf, must protect a woman called Josie, who's a hybrid, after he realizes that the werewolf wants to mate with her. Not Rated 22 min Animation, Short, Action. A Civil War-era secret agent with an extraordinary special power serves under president Abraham Lincoln protecting America from supernatural foes.

Unsold animated TV pilot adapted from a short comic book from the creator of Hellboy. R min Drama, Horror, Thriller. Alice, a mild-mannered librarian, has a bizarre secret: once a month she turns into a werewolf.