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Gta 5 tanisha, Gta lady pick guy tanisha pleasures

I've managed to keep myself away from spoilers and videos of the story so I can enjoy it all myself for the first time. I already know that [the game has 3 different endings though and a character dies in one of them. For example I'm playing as Franklin right now and he gets an from Tanisha saying she doesn't want him back and she's happy with her new man etc etc.

Gta 5 Tanisha

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Michelle had even more integrity as she was honest and didn't bother Niko after revealing the truth. But man, Tanisha was trash. She goes on to tell Franklin how she doesn't wanna be with him, and just interacts with Franklin so she can be fed attention and validated. Man, Tanisha is a trash person. The story in GTA V was ass but at least the missions were fun. That's another topic though.

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He is the first character we actually get to control, and out of him, Michael and Trevor, he holds more power over the path of the story than anyone else. Michael may seem like the most obvious choice, being that he dominated the trailers and is the string that ties Franklin and Trevor together, but Franklin serves as the moderator between those two, and at times relegates them to a side act while he comes across as the voice of reason, and the main attraction.

As the story goes on, Michael ends up falling back into a life of crime, jeopardizing everything he was lucky enough to have because of—best-case scenario—a mid-life crisis, or worst-case scenario—boredom. So with that, let's take a look at 25 things about Franklin that make no sense. That being said, the circumstances are very unique.

Franklin breaks into his home to repossess a vehicle that the car dealership he works for sold to his son Jimmy, as he cannot make the payments. Michael, asleep in the back, points a gun at him, making him drive it through the dealership, threatening his life while losing him his job. And while it's true that Michael just introduces Franklin to another class of crime, he also warns him when they formally meet each other for the first time to get out of the game and go back to school.

The best example of this is his relationship with childhood friend Lamar.

His loyalty is fickle to all those around him, except for Michael—but even that can be betrayed depending on what path the player goes down…. Franklin, honestly, cannot stand his friend Lamar.

Still, though, if Franklin really wants the bougie life of a white collar criminal, he needs to shed him. Unfortunately, the two of them do not get along together. Which begs the question: why not just leave?

What happens if tanisha catches her boyfriend franklin cheating in gta 5

Everybody falls in love. Even Franklin, the money-hungry gang member is susceptible to its influence. The woman he is in love with before, during, and after the events of GTA V is Tanisha, a girl who grew up in the same South Los Santos neighborhood as him. Getting along with each other better than most, Lester even gets Franklin sorted with a house in Vinewood Hills.

Tanisha jackson

However, he also hires Franklin to rub out people he hates for money. In fact, having Lamar around seems to be more trouble than it's worth.

That being said, they are still lifelong friends and gang members for whom loyalty is paramount. Now, Franklin can get rid of Trevor at the end of the game, but the motivation is business rather than personal.

Related what happens if tanisha catches her boyfriend franklin cheating in gta 5

GTA V is a deep game with lots of distractions and Easter eggs. One of these is a website called Psychic Shoutout, where the player can get an online psychic reading done. During the course of the game, Franklin encounters a paparazzo named Beverly lurking in some bushes waiting to catch snaps of prominent celebrities in compromising positions.

Rather than condemn, ridicule, or ignore the man, Franklin inexplicably helps him photograph and film a litany of people!

Five annoying characters in gta 5 and online

At this point, he hardly needs the money, and out of the three—including the ultra-cynical Michael and the anti-establishment Trevor—he seems like the most unlikely to help the celebrity obsesssed photographer in his endeavours.

It seems bizarre, then, that a loner pessimist like Niko Bellic would have an active love life but someone like Franklin—young, confident, fit, and the recipient of a sweet pad on the hills—would either be unable or unwilling to play the field. To make it worse, GTA V even has a dating website which seems, bizarrely, only there as video game window dressing.

In GTA Vthe ability to fly planes was brought back. It was a fun activity to do and embraced by fans of the crazier style of San Andreas. However, Trevor is the only character who can fly them. Franklin has no pilot training, but he is the best driver of the three and the calmest. Another criticism waived at GTA V is the one dimensional hand-to-hand combat—consisting of lazy arm punches that knock out NPCs with seemingly no chin.

What happens if franklin calls his ex girlfriend tanisha in gta 5

Franklin was, by his own admission tanisha according to those around him, was spoiled by his grandmother who took him in when his mother passed away. Even his grandfather showed him love in his own way by chasing him around Los Santos when he found out of his illicit activities. Unfortunately, none of this deterred him from continuing his gang activities though.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin shoot guns. It goes hand in hand with the lifestyle they chose. Sure, Michael and Trevor may have more experience as criminals and gunmen, and sure, being in a gang may not be necessarily conducive to shooting accuracy, but we find it hard to believe that there would be such a gulf in class between Franklin and his two older pals!

Tonya is one of the more irritating characters in GTA V. Hooked on what we can only assume is something weird, Franklin Gta himself running errands for the neighbourhood girl. So Tonya ropes Franklin in to tow some vehicles for them.

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