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Guardia forest remake, Francais girl searching boy especially Guardia remakes

This is a mockup of a "reimagined" chrono trigger namely, the guardia-forest segment at the beginningabsent any real limitations besides being pixel art. I need to do more of these, my gallery is really empty at the time of this writing.

Guardia Forest Remake

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The player can enter the forest from the onset of the game in the Present ; however, Crono cannot enter the castle itself.

The next time the player would visit the forest is in the year A. Dfollowing the trail of Marle after she was mistaken for Queen Leene. After acquiring LuccaCrono returns through the forest and he for the Cathedral ; after saving the Queen the party is taken straight back to the castle, bypassing the forest altogether.

The party then returns through the forest, heading for Truce Canyon and the Present; Crono takes Marle back to the castle by way of the forest. A few sequences later, Crono is escaping from his execution; Crono, Marle, and Lucca are cornered almost immediately after entering the forest. They are backed into a small clearing, supposedly trapped.

D and escaping any harm. The group can return to the present, but the soldiers have the area blocked off to prevent any escape.

After this point in the storyline, the forest plays no further part in the plot; however, there will be points at which the party must travel straight through the area to get to and from the castle. Chrono Wiki Explore.

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Guardia forest remake

Guardia Forest. Edit source History Talk 0.

File:Secret of the Forest. Chrono Trigger.

Cancel Save. Fan Feed 1 Lavos 2 Crono 3 Schala.

Universal Conquest Wiki. Lucca Marle. Time Eras and locations.

End of Time. Arena of the Ages. Enemies - Weapons.