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Gun tattoos on girls, Thai tattoo looking up Gun especially for girls

Leg Tattoo Des. Gun And Stocking tattoo.

Gun Tattoos On Girls

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One of the most sought-after des for tattoos is guns! You read that, right! Most people, particularly those who love armory and weapons, love to get their favorite rifles etched on their bodies. This does not necessarily mean they have evil thoughts or plans for murder.

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Guns are mainly used for personal protection and for defense and it is guaranteed with a gun in your holster. There are many different kinds of guns and guns enthusiasts. Guns were basically used for hunting down the animals for food which then turned into a recreation event and a sport, and it worsened with the advent of wars and battles. Looking at the metaphorical meaning of the gun, we can easily associate it with freedom and autonomy along with a self-sufficient nature.

However, in many places, guns are mostly associated with terror and evil. It is something that brings disaster. But it is an outdated conception of guns, nevertheless, it is justified considering the utilization of guns in the eras.

Anyhow, guns have served a practical purpose for us for centuries. This is the main reason why people develop an affection and interest towards guns and other firearms for it represents courage and strength. It can also be a representation of a foe. Someone who has served in the military or navy can get this tattoo too as a commemoration of his services in defense. The meaning of a gun tattoo does not always have to be something negative. Rather it is something that provides us with courage in the time of adversity and serves as a reminder to live life to its fullest by not being afraid of anyone.

Gun tattoos

What do the various gun tattoos represent? Well, the gun tattoo represents different things for different people. Below are the most common gun tattoo meanings:. We have compiled a list of various varieties of guns with numerous des to pick from especially for you. Have a look! A gun tattoo does not have to be super realistic all the time.

It can be a bit creative all the same. This tribal tattoo art denotes just the same- it is super creative and does not look realistic at all. Many people get inked with ammunitions because of its realistic appeal, but it is not really necessary. So, decide for yourself. This tattoo represents other ammo along with the gun. For someone into firearms a lot, this is a great de. The wearer has selected only the outline of the objects without any fillings for them. You can get a more realistic touch by adding color to it.

It might seem that the person is quite aggressive in nature but it might not be true. Gun tattoos have different implications for different people.

Browse professional girl gun tattoo stock photos available royalty-free.

It can be used to symbolize honor and protection. Like a gun, snakes are not to be messed up with too. Both of them possess the same qualities about them somehow. The meanings are pretty apparent. Maintaining a distance would be a smart choice. So if you want to show your take on something too, a tattoo like this can be your inspiration. This skull holding a gun looks quite fierce.

2 tattoo girl gun stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

In the de, the bullet jas already been shot at someone. This is a pattern for someone who is looking at the more creative side of the gun tattoo des. It can be portrayed as an amazing message for the haters to not mess with the wearer. The skull makes it look kind of non-realistic. The monotone color looks great but some colors can be added to make the tattoo look vibrant. This combination of the skull with the gun is a great idea to try. The thigh is one of the most sensuous parts of the body to get tattoo on.

33 great gun tattoos with meanings and celebrities

Thigh, just like any gun, symbolizes strength too. Many women get it tattooed along with a garter to show the feminine side. But of course, it is not really necessary. A gun is a gun if in the strap or without. It resonates with some profound meanings and that remains the same.

Revolver tattoo

The choice ultimately is up to you. Hence, get it transformed whatever way you like. Guns are symbolic of dynamism and strength and a smoking gun is a true representation of that. Apart from the normal gun, a smoking gun has a more profound effect since it shows that the bullet has left for the aim.

There is no going back now. This gun tattoo is a very fine-looking tattoo de. The floral inscriptions on it look quite amazing. Guns and roses are a great combination since we have heard about the band and its popularity has increased many folds.

Guns with roses are special des and are quite personal too. You can add something else on your banner of whatever you feel will represent your thought process. An antique gun has a certain charm about it because of how it must have carried some ificance for people who owned it earlier and which has been carried out for generations. The cool-looking gun has some great inscription on it which gives it a more attractive look. The placement idea is also quite attractive and unusual because most people get gun tattoos on their arms or legs.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

It is perfect for both genders. This is one of the most preferred des for the girls which includes a garter and a ribbon that gives it a feminine effect.

The combination of gun and ribbon is quite unique and is popular among the young female tattoo enthusiasts. The thigh, besides the garter, is also a great placement idea since the guns are tall than they are wide. Therefore, it is quite better to get it on the limbs. You can even add some floral colors to the de to make it a bit more vibrant and girly.

This tattoo actually gives a very majestic feeling. It is almost as if it represents harmony over conflict.

The wings look quite heavenly and the black and white shading effect gives it a sense of profundity. Guns are mostly associated with violence but this tattoo is definitely a symbol of peace. People who wish to get a similar pattern can also add a halo around it to add to the de.

Traditional rifles

Like the one above, this one is definitely an exclusive tattoo for females. The thigh is the most appropriate tattoo place for this kind of tattoo. The addition of color on this tattoo gives it a vibrant look. Similarly, you can add the colors as per your liking too. Besides this, you can also add bullets instead of the ribbon for a more masculine touch.

Guns are typically associated with policemen, bounty hunters, soldiers, hunters, criminals and so on.

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Thus, making a gun with roses and thorns seems like an apt representation of the destructive beauty that a gun possesses. A few young ladies affection to take their tattoos to the following level. This tattoo looks practical and it is novel.