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Guys wearing booty shorts, Elitesingles guy pick men booty for shorts

When it comes to choosing booty shorts for men, what helps the most is being able to see these products on a model with a similar body type as the individual doing the shopping.

Guys Wearing Booty Shorts

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When someone mentions short shorts nowadays we instantly think of women in tight fitting shorts with little inseams framing their hips and buttocks perhaps even with a glimpse of a cheek. To be honest, we used to. The style of them might not have been the sexiest back then, but they were there. Men wore them and they were accepted. What happened to men being able to wear short shorts? Why is it that only women can get away with wearing them?

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I agree, keep on wearing the short shorts. I hate what men wear currently. The things that men currently wear as Shorts I call them one of these following names: Short pants, clam diggers, or one another name I forgot. To most European people, men included, dressing on a proper fit is earnest.

The way we dress is tightly fit, fit properly. Big, baggy, longy and cargo trunks please go away, fashion disaster for men of all time. Who said balls were gonna be sticking out? I do find it very sad that women today are so conservative about how guys dress yet they get to wear barely anything when they go out. In my case, no I don't walk out naked or with little clothes on. I am not expanding my opinion in forcing you to wear short shorts. No balls sticking out? I just gave you an honest opinion. It's that simple lmfao.

Yes, a ificant of sleazy, letting-go women out here in California I bet they did not know how to dress properly, discreetly, and genteelly. I am dude and I wear short shorts in public.

They much more comfortable than those long baggy shorts. Would you wear them though if women were all of a sudden turned on by it and it increased your chances of getting laid? I dress in a way which I feel makes me feel comfortable and look best.

Sometimes that clashes with what women are turned on by, and that's ok with me. I dress to be stylish and presentable, but not to the extent that I base it on what women want me to wear. A lot of teenager boys have to come within this trend to bring about changes from people's mind, social norms. You live for yourself, yolo, teens!

Please don't mind, don't give a damn, a shit or any shy about what other people think. Society and prudish girls out there will not make fun of us any more.

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The bottom line is, women got no shame, men are too timid. Want equal rights, the men have to stand out to fight for it. You dont use it, u lose it. If we protested like feminists, we may have gotten the rights to wear shorts to work by now, and made the women unable to make a single negative comment. Of course I would wear the short shorts. I hate the baggy short pants men wear now that have way too many pockets and half off their boxers are showing if they bend over.

Men short are supposed to be short so you will feel cooler. I wear short shorts and they are really comfortable-they make you feel cool, and less sweaty that what Man currently wear are shorts but I do not call them that, but I call them short pants or clam diggers. I also wear Short Shorts in public sometimes since they are really comfortable and feel free in them. Calling girls sluts is immature.

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Aw thank you for saying that. I am just trying to say that your comment was rude when you were the one who asked the question. Women have it harder as far as dressing goes because we have to dress JUST right to avoid sterotypes and labels.

But even then we still get them prep, goth, emo etc. Guys can get by with a T-shirt and shorts without being called "poor" or "untrendy. Isn't that kinda mean though to assume something like that based on style of clothes? Why do women have such a problem with the male body?

Why is it that if a guy doesn't wear long shorts he must be gay?

It just seems stupid. So next time I see a girl with cleavage, should I assume she is a slut? I don't think it's mean. It's a style that straight guys don't usually wear. If it became fashionable for straight guys I wouldn't assume anything. And it's not like my assumption is binding or something.

But first…how should i go about choosing booty shorts?

No problem with the male body. I like looking at guys. Short shorts look funny to me, but that's just because most guys wear them long. As for the cleavage, I don't want to say you should assume she's a slut, but people will.

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I know I think about it when I get dressed. If you saw someone in a cop uniform, would you assume they were a police officer? In the past women liked the male body, now they don't. There's a lot more lesbians and bisexual women and you can thank pornography for that. Because it is degrees out today and most of the summer and long shorts make my legs sweat and I hate the heat.

I never said anything about being an exhibitionist. It's not like I'm running around flashing people. I looked at your questions.

They are: Short shorts on guys, Do girls like a bubble butt, Have you ever been to a nude beach, and Checking out the bulge. Oh, and the nude beach question was specifically aimed at girls going to check out guys. Are you sure you're not an exhibitionist? There's nothing really wrong with that, but it does seem to be the focus of all your questions.

Guy's Behavior. I recently did some shopping and got some retro 80's short shorts for lounging around and doing chores. They are really comfortable, they keep me cooled down, and it is so much nicer than wearing long shorts. I have noticed that my girlfriend really enjoys them too and she stares a lot and can't keep her hands off of me.

Is this trend coming back and what do you think about that? Share Facebook.

Short shorts on guys? Add Opinion. I never stopped wearing them. I tried the longer ones around when that trend started or sobut I didn't like them, so I kept wearing my original shorter ones. Fast forward nearly 25 years later, and it went from no one batting an eye back then to all kinds of pointing, laughing, picture taking, gay comments strewn my way, etc. It's like what the? They have no clear memory of the 80's, and saw the millions of men who wore them including Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Thomas Magnum- okay, a tv show, but it was the style, clearly shown through television.

I look at it like this, if it was okay to do it in the 80's when all these kids were conceived, then it's okay to do it today! I think if my woman wanted me to wear them and liked how I look in them, I would wear them for her.

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You are your own person. I may be a little late to the party here because I just spotted your question. Amen to you. I do think that todays women are very prudish when it comes to guys taking a little pride in their bodies and wanting to uncover a little bit, particularly in very hot weather.

We get to do it, so why do guys have to sweat their balls off, just not to offend? Guys are pretty much screwed when it comes to fashion. Ever since homophobia became prevelent in the 80s men have adopted a heterosexual uniform. Anything that veers from that is considered gay or just not right.

Short shorts on guys?

Before the mid's shorter shorts were the norm, and women didn't get their panties all in an uproar over it, and loved looking. Today's women act like they have been flashed just because they might see an inch or two above a knee-cap.

How unenlightened we have become! Just read some of the answers women and men give when discussing anything on men that isn't big and baggy. If it is does not fit the template of what is acceptable heterosexual fashion, it is denegrated, no matter how attractive you may look wearing it. Fashion today for men is as much about social attitudes as it is about fashion.

Until the attitude of society changes and we finally grow up, don't expect anything to change.