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He wants to finger me, I want woman who fingers flirts

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He Wants To Finger Me

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I want him to finger me but I dont want him to see me with my pants off. It sounds like you have to talk to him about this. Truly the only way you are going to feel comfortable is if you explain to him beforehand what you are feeling. He probably has the same feelings too. Guys also get self conscious! Talking about this stuff can help you feel more relaxed and creates trust in the relationship.

How old am I: I'm 38 years old
What is my gender: Fem
Color of my hair: Long bushy fair hair
I like to listen: Blues
Hobbies: In my spare time I love surfing the net

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Sexual Health.

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I thought it was kind of weird he asked if he could Like do you enjoy it? Also, did I lose some points by not asking if he wanted a bj? I could ask next time but I just realized he offered to pleasure me, and I didn't return the favor. Share Facebook. My boyfriend asked if he could finger me.

Do guys actually like to finger girls? Add Opinion. Blackboi Xper 5.

Are you serious? Sweet Jesus. Just feeling how wet she is, how warm she is, how she reacts, the sounds she makes, her breathing, sorry, I'm detail oriented.

And losing points? Don't feel like you owe him because of the fingering. A lot of the time I find it enough of a treat just to be able to experience and give the girl pleasure like that. But hey, if you want, you can always ask or just go at it just to see, I'm sure he won't mind. Then again, this is coming from someone who is more of a giver, lol. Xper 6.

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Yes to all those questions and here's even a tip for the future, you don't even have to ask. When you're sitting there making out and you're ready just unzip his pants and have at it, trust me he won't mind. Also you can jump right into bj's, but there's an art to a woman giving an hj so you need to practice and communicate on those. Cynthia Xper 3. You don't have to return any favors if your not comfortable with it and he shouldn't mind if you dont.

Guys generally like doing it because they like seeing a girl turned on by them, and they are hoping maybe it le to something a little more. Guys like anything that could result in you ultimately giving them a blowjob It's the "payback" they enjoy, not necessarily just pleasing you. They aren't that selfless.

Well, the ones on here who can last for hours in bed and have a fetish for oral are lmao. PoeticNinja Xper 5. Don't ask, just do it! Pull him close to you, unzip his pants, pull them down and start sucking it nice and slow. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. He asked if he could "Go Down" on me.

If you boyfriend asked to explore your pussy what would you say and why? My boyfriend asked me if I masterbate? I don't know what to say, and more importantly what will his reaction be?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Oh yes, playing with any private part or any part for that matter of a girl's body is fun. It's such a turn-on to stroke a girl, feel her getting wet, and then slide a finger inside that cozy, warm, tight and wet hole. John83 1. It also starts intimacy with a girl so I can gradually move toward having sex with her. You don't necessarily need to go down on him the first time he gives you pleasure but might want to do something to him one of the next couple times, whether it's a bj or handjob.

Do guys like it - yes.

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Enjoy it - yes. Did you lose points - probably not yet. Could you ask? If he's good at it you'll probably orgasm or squirt if you're wired for it. I like to turn it into a game and see what noises I can get out of the girl with different strokes. Heh Heh Do guys actually like I don't see how you could think anything else If you indeed let him he was thrilled as hell.

That depends, does it make you feel good?

If the answer is yes, then most guys probably enjoy it. Most guys like to escalate sexual activity because they hope it will result in their own orgasm, indirectly. As in, if I finger her, she will be more likely to have sex with me in the future. Its not just that.

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It excites us when women are turned on or orgasming. Related myTakes. Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful? The Feminist Apocalypse.

A few things I've changed my mind about. Celebrating the life of one who have passed.

My boyfriend asked if he could finger me. do guys actually like to finger girls?

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