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Hillsboro strip club, I dating girl who Hillsboro strips

Hillsboro officials are reviewing their options as they face the proposed opening of the first adult strip club within the city limits. The Cooler Club, located at S.

Hillsboro Strip Club

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We are used to reading reviews about movies before we go to see the latest that Hollywood has to offer, and we read music reviews before we go out to buy that CD Well, why not extend the idea to strip clubs? This is why our site leaves you to choose the best Hillsboro Strip Clubs and go wherever you like.

How old am I: 28
Ethnicity: I'm chinese
Caters to: Hetero
Languages: French
What is my figure features: My figure type is muscular
Music: I prefer to listen easy listening
In my spare time I love: Driving a car
Body tattoos: None

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Speaking as a Dasher, this delivery location made me lol.

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First time ever delivering to a gentlemans club. From the looks of the location, its run down, but inside was nice and the employees were professional. What made this even more epic was their outside. Just dont look up the definition at work either.

I was there for 30 minutes and no one ever came over to take a drink order, no dancers ever stopped by, and then the bartender came over and told me I had to tip the stage even though I was not at the stage. I have been known to spend over one thousand dollars in one night at a club, but after tonight it will never be this one.

Awesome place, depending on who is working of course! Something for everyone. Ive been a regular for about little over a year now.

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I always feel welcomed! Nina Bartender always do a good job and have lots of interesting conversation that cracks me up!

The club is a little run down but the customer service will bring me back all the time! I wish they had better Happy hour drinks and more food selection. However, while it was very quiet for the night and there werent many people here, it was pretty nice. The bartenders were freaking hot to me and kept me watered through the night.

I thought the ladies were so beautiful, I found many of them to be Grecian built and each one was one was a good dancer.

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Overall a good experience, will visit her again! Rocky female manager : rude to customers, money hungry. Very snappy, Lies to dancers and overbooks dancers for financial gain that only benefits her, bouncers and dj. I came here before 9pm and the security guard was extremely rude and was a totally douche bag. Really bad service. Gladly we went to The Sunset Strip and had an amazing night instead. Reading the reviews it seems we were better off not spending our money in the runway.

Not great girls and even worse service.

I have never met people so rude. No smiles. No please. No thank you. Just rude. Invited at the door, the most sexy ladies especially a sweet treeet named Dee comfortable, never without a drink Megan and the place had a good flow. I would highly recommend for a good place to have a fun time! I love the experience I had there now.

I had been in ly about 6 months ago and the place wasnt really at its full potential. I decided to give it another go and man, I am happy I did. The girls were amazing! The Dj was awesome and funny, not to mention the bartenders were great too.

Strip club

I will definitely be going back!! Place is great girls are hot DJ is awesome strips serve nice stiff drinks the only reason not 5 stars is cause, 4 girls on a Friday night the scheduler needs to step up his game a little bit. This gentle mans club is any thing but. I apoericate dance, and personal expression through dance, and this place is stifling. I was charged a cover that wasnt congruent with the price advertised on the front door, to be rejected a drink.

Apparently the dj picks the songs, and maybe that is best, but I would prefer a heartfelt performance, and a genuine connection with the performers. Call it artistic indifference on my part. Nonetheless the door girl was charming and sweet, even if the bouncer could use some rest. This place is a dump and the girls I saw there look like junkies. I also saw the DJ cursing out one of the girls right there in front of everyone for not approaching a group Hillsboro guys that just walked in the door, was a horrible place.

Read all the other reviews below youll see that the DJ is a huge jerk. Very expensive dances.

Private room dances are super expensive than any club. Management needs to reduce their prices. Girls are beautiful though. If you like fat girls this is the place for you and the cover charge sucks come on now seven bucks to get in.

Everything about this place was fine except for the DJ, which tarnished the experience. We were sitting in the back waiting for the rest of our party to show for our co-workers birthday. About 7 minutes later, the DJ starts flashing the lights on and off directly above us being pushy for us to tip or buy a drink. We were the only ones sitting in the back, so we knew it was directed at us.

Also, his commentary did not match the atmosphere. Nothing against the girls, but wont be returning. The DJ has excellent energy, the girls are charismatic, and the bartenders serve strong drinks. My friends and I will be coming back!!!!

Strip clubs hillsboro oh on hillsboro strip club reviews

Literally there for 5 minutes and the they got pissy we didnt tip and called us stingy bastards right after we got our drinks. No point in tipping people who dont deserve it. The DJ cursed at us for not tipping the girls after being there for about minutes. We bought beers and paid cover which we tipped both for.

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The DJ was out of line and we wont be returning to this strip club. I would not recomend this place for anyone. The girl at the front door could not do math and over charged me for cover. The Dj, was bitching people for not tipping. The girls we all over you to get a dance.

Horrible strip club. Came there for my 23rd birthday : amazing! All organizations All cities. The Runway Gentlemens Club.

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Lottery games and lots of beautiful girls. New owners and bartender!

I had a great time and will definitely be going back. Since the new management this place really turned around and the women are on point. Kirstin was a great bartender!

Hillsboro strip clubs

Lap dances are super expensive, these girls are hussling hard. Average girls calm atmosphere. Good music. It would be a lot better if they had different DJ. DJ was rude and disrespectful. Maria is the best!! New management went way south!! No Bueno.