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Horse mating closeup, Closeup girl mating up boy to life

By stockfootageinc for Kingsland.

Horse Mating Closeup

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Save to lightbox. Stock photo of a zebra stallion breeding.

Zebra mare accepting big stallion to mate with her. Picture of two affectionate Arabian horses exchanging breath, a mare and stallion mating pair. Stock photo of an Arabian stallion sniffing the rear of a bay mare while restrained by the fence.

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Picture of a stallion smelling a bay mare, an Arabian mating pair. Mare and stallion in field Icelandic Horse. Coupling horses. Picture of a stallion horse and a mare sharing breath in a mating and courting ritual, a kiss. Stock photo of two running Arabians in open pasture, a mating pair of a white stallion and bay mare.

A mating pair of horses, an Arabian stallion and bay mare under perfect summer sky cloudscape. Stock photo of white Arabian stallion chasing bay mare.

Browse professional horse mating stock photos available royalty-free.

Stock photo of white Arabian stallion sniffing the air because of mare nearby. An Appaloosa and an Arabian stallion getting to know each other over the fence.

Inside the bright and clean stables of an equestrian farm with stalls. Courtship horses. Two horses greeting each other with their manes blowing in the wind.

Horse farm stable shed interior with wood doors. Leisure lifestyle of visiting a horse farm. South America, Uruguay, Florida, ranch, unique Uruguayan Criollo horse breeding on a ranch or estancia. It was produced by mating Standard mares with pac-ing gait, with Thoroughbred stallions.

Horses mating close up

To begin withthese breeds were of a similar type, and the cross re-sulted in a most pronounced improvement, for the pur-pose for which the cross bred product was intended. The gaits have been secured from the original maresfrom which the breed originated, while the symmetry,style of carriage and intelligence have been transmittedfrom the Thoroughbred. Recrossing Breeds. The stallion shown in fig Studies in horse breeding; an illustrated treatise on the science and practice of the breeding of horses. The standard cyclopedia of modern agriculture and rural economy, by the most distinguished authorities and specialists under the editorship of Professor R.

Patrick Wright Heowned the Clydesdale stallion Prince of Wales foaleddiedone of the grand-est draught stallions ever foaled, and purchasedmares in England expressly selected for the pur-pose of mating them with that horse.

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Fromthe combination Mr. Drew bred a remarkablesuccession of first-class animals, w. Productive horse husbandry. Horses; Horses. These mares being of Flemish descent, the mating con- stituted i ractically a, hot top cross on a cold base. Horses so bred were called, must ajjpropriately, deml sang half blood. Since the half-breds have been inter-bred, although Thor- oughbred blood is still close up to many of the French coachers that have come to this cou.