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Hot yugioh girls, I would like looking up Hot that yugioh footjob

us as we count down from 21 of the sexiest cards of all time! Is Counselor Lily a good nurse, or a naughty nurse?

Hot Yugioh Girls

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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager. Okay, so to incinerate foes, you'll want the fire attribute and the pyro type— oohyou mean the hottest cards. Yikes; but aren't these just inanimate pieces of paper? Well, maybe so, but whether or not you understand falling for a trading card, you might be surprised just how many steamy fanfics exist involving forbidden acts with these lovely ladies. After all, Yu-Gi-Oh is generally geared towards younger men.

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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

How do you get a young man's attention? Combine monster-slaying action with pretty girls, a formula many films, shows, and even card games use to keep the boys invested. Yu-Gi-Oh 's no exception, highlighting many attractive gals in both its cards and anime. And extra deck monsters are reliable allies, available in every match unlike main deck cards, who depends on luck of the draw.

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So, which gals can you always count on? These are the 20 prettiest extra deck ladies in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Supervisor would be a perfect partner for gamers, nerdy but able to help organize their life. And she's not a bad monster; if she uses "Backup Secretary" as material,you can special summon a cyberse monster from your hand when a monster Supervisor points to battles an opponent's monster.

Either way, if Supervisor is destroyed by an opposing card, she lets you special summon a Backup Secretary from your hand, deck, or graveyard, restocking your field with another girl—talk about a wingwoman! Speaking of which Lyrilusc has low stats but a variety of tricks. The link version of classic "Tour Guide from the Underworld", Beat Cop accepts any two materials, but only gains her effect when link summoned using two dark monsters with different names.

Doing so lets you tribute a monster to place a "patrol counter" on any face-up card, preventing a single destruction of that card.

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So despite her tough exterior, Beat Cop's got a surprisingly generous heart, doing her best to protect your allies. With her coy smile, Summon Sorceress knows she's playing both fields. Her effect actually special summons a monster to your opponent's field, but doing so then lets you cast one from your deck matching that monster's type. Like many girls, she's tricky, but will prove an invaluable ally if you devote the effort to working with her.

You can xyz summon Weiss Schnee here with two level six monsters, or you can detach a material from a rank five monster you control, then using that xyz monster and its remaining materials.

Either way, Frozen Lady gains ATK for each material she has and can destroy all opposing defense position monsters by detaching one. Harpies date back to dueling's early days, so it's nice to see them receive new and tempting cards in gameplay, of course. Conductor takes any two wind materials and provides two diagonal arrows to help summon more extra monsters.

She'd be another great cosplayer, changing her name to "Harpie Girl" on the field and graveyard, empowering Hot Harpie effects. Accepting any tuner and non-tuner combo, Garden Rose tutors the field spell "Black Garden" from your graveyard or deck, and you can banish her from your graveyard to special summon a Rose Dragon or dragon synchro monster in your graveyard. Like many girls, she looks sweet, but can explode at any Hot, in this case by reviving "Black Rose Dragon" and initiating its field wipe. The fitness buff for today, Panther Dancer requires a specific material "Lunalight Cat Dancer" alongside another Lunalight girl, making her unwieldy in other themes.

Yugioh, she can't be destroyed by opposing effects and can attack opposing monsters twice each turn, making them immune to battle destruction for the first. She also gains ATK for the turn when she destroys a monster, so she'll rapidly inflict battle damage, punishing foes for swarming their field. She accepts two water materials and can revive water monsters to zones she points towards. She also retrieves another Marincess from your graveyard when sent there, again supplying you with fuel for other summons. Luckily for bachelors, Ib wants girl, becoming immune to targeting and destruction when linked pointing towards each other with other cards.

She also expresses her diverse palette by accepting two materials with different types and attributes. True to her name, Witch is into the occult, letting you banish a spell from your graveyard when a monster is special summoned to a zone she points at to find a cyberse ritual monster and "Cynet Ritual" spell from your deck.

So if you're into sorcery, or maybe just like red-he, she's the yugioh for you. Tempest is the girl your parents don't want you seeing, banned as of this writing in the American TCG. Her deadly effect scores enormous effect damage, letting you remove all spell counters including opposing oneseach inflicting damage to your opponent.

But if your love knows no bounds, travel overseas to the Asian OCG where she isn't outcast. We could do a whole article about how over-sexualized Alexis Rhodes from the GX anime is, but for now let's just focus on one of her ature girls. Not only is Blader attractive, she's chaotically powerful, gaining different effects depending on how many monsters your opponent controls.

With one, she's immune to battle destruction, with two, her ATK doubles to a whoppingand with three, their monster, spell, and trap effects are negated! She can also banish an opposing face-up monster at this time, rewarding you for protecting her until the start of your turn. And Every is just as determined to be with you, banishing rival spellcasters from your graveyard to revive herself at your opponent's end phase. True love or overly-attached girlfriend?

You be the judge. Hot isn't the jealous type, actually preferring you control additional xyz monsters, gaining ATK for all your xyz materials. She can yugioh detach a material to excavate reveal five cards from the top of your deck, destroying monsters up to the of "Spellbook" cards revealed.

The hottest yu-gi-oh gals

You also get to place the cards back in any order, girls rare Yu-Gi-Oh scry effect that sets your upcoming draws. As cute as classic "Dark Magician Girl" is, she's pretty weak without support; Magi Magi provides a Hot who matches her looks with power. Her ATK is a modestbut she can once per turn detach a yugioh and banish a card from your hand to either steal an opposing monster until the yugioh phase or revive a monster from your opponent's graveyard indefinitely. Shizuku caters to mech-anime fans, mixing tech with beauty.

Her ATK is low, but she's easy to summon, simply needing a non-Water Sky Striker Ace, and her effect reduces opposing monster stats by per spell in your graveyard. The Sky Strikers are more than holding their own competitively, so don't underestimate this lovely lady's lethal prowess. Rosemary's a team player, accepting any tuner and non-tuner materials and boosting the ATK of all your plant-types including herself by while your life points are higher than your opponent's.

But beware the quiet ones; once per turn, when you gain life points which Aroma cards specialize inRosemary negates an opposing card's girls for the rest of the turn. Don't let Holly's cheerful energy deceive you—she'll assault foes with a variety of effects.

She inflicts damage when a Trickstar is normal or special summoned to a zone she points to, prevents those monsters from being destroyed, and gains a proportionate amount of ATK whenever your opponent is damaged by a Trickstar Hot effect, including her own! Dark Magician Girl has always been the standard Yu-Gi-Oh eye candy, and her Dragon Knight fusion form gives her some actual useful abilities. Wielding a hearty ATK, she can send a card from your hand to the graveyard on either player's turn to destroy an opposing card, a nice instant-speed removal. More importantly, her trendy and revealing armor is sure to wing your Kuriboh.

The hottest yu-gi-oh cards

To some, it may still seem silly to fawn over cards, but people get crushes on fictional anime, cartoon, and even novel characters—why stigmatize trading cards? To its credit, the anime has slowly but surely been giving female duelists more important roles, hopefully leading to a future series led by a well-written heroine.

A card's gender occasionally impacts certain effects in the manga version of Duel Monstersbut for the official TCG, it's just flavor and won't impact gameplay. But for now, as we await Konami's next renditions of gorgeous extra deck gals, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown! Party Games.

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