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Warning: do not watch this episode of Nathan for You with your parents or do so at your own risk.

Hotel Sex Box Nathan

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Club matriarch Bonney Tetione of the few people keen enough to see through the dutiful, conscientious facade to the pure evil of the post office. Nathan For You explores the confounding corners of human psychology, but Nathan is just as willing to offer himself up for armchair psychoanalysis as he is his unwitting participants. Nathan says the real money is in family vacations, so the goal is to implement a plan that would make family vacations more enticing by facilitating sex between the parents while the kids are in the same room.

The concept itself is both hilarious and heartbreakingly naive. Just wait until he finds out that, for many more-or-less happy couples, a week without the expectation of sex or the pressure of initiating it is among the primary selling points of vacationing with your children. But with Pang reluctantly onboard with the pitch, Nathan puts his team to work constructing the box in a segment that could easily be mistaken for an HGTV network promo or a scene from Pimp My Ride.

To test out the Fun Isolation Box trademark pendingNathan recruits child actor Bradley, whose parents, Marie and Jurgen, should probably talk through their s of what happened should protective agency inquire.

It fails, and they file back into the hall leaving their child in the custody of Nathan, some cameramen, and a pair of naked porn stars. The test with just Holly and Tony having sex worked like a charm, so to be extra thorough, Nathan brings in five more adult performers to Holly and Tony in a seven-person orgy. Would you want to be the sales rep sitting across from the notoriously demanding president of the North American Swing Club Association and not be able to tell him if your Fun Isolation Boxes can withstand the ecstatic moans of more than two participants?

No one would want that. Well now they can say the boxes work with up to seven participants, making the Hilltop Suites the frontrunner for the coveted NASCA Convention. Nathan celebrates with Bradley as victory music swells.

This is probably the Nathan For You segment that needs the least explanation, as anyone with a smartphone knows why a travel agency is no longer a viable business. When Nathan finds out cremation is increasingly popular, he has to find out how to get Ilandrian access to a reasonably priced cremation oven. He fails to mention to Ilandrian that he envisions her doing the wet work herself.

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He comes up with a pizza oven as the next best option, then he to Burbank Pizzeria and Pasta to test it out. The test is cut short, but Nathan is assured that a pizza oven could work for his macabre purposes.

The best meaning most awkward part of the segment comes when Ilandrian has to pitch the funeral services for the first time. If Nathan plays his cards right, he and Ilandrian might wind up needing to use the very same fancy coffin he left in the lobby of the Hilltop Suites. The third segment is a change-of-pace in a season that has been characterized by full-episode ideas.

If not for the prohibitive insurance issues, Uber could launch a motorcycle service to take advantage of the legality of lane-splitting in California and make a killing. Nathan calls them hypocrites after they rebuff his offer to them for crab legs.

But Nathan should really be thankful for all the affection—or at least the lack of palpable repulsion—from Ilandrian. The A. By Joshua Alston. Shop at Kinja Deals.

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