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Her marriage to Anakin Skywalker was a huge secret, after all, so he shouldn't have been a likely candidate in most of the Galaxy's minds.

How Did Padme Get Pregnant

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Within the movies, I know that people, including Obi-Wan just don't notice her pregnancy, but how is that possible? Was she hiding it that well? Maybe it was too hard to explain, so it was just ignored while writing the script?

Obi-Wan and others do know about her pregnancy; it's the identity of the father that was secret. Plus after she got pregnant Anakin and Obi-Wan were sent out on a tour of duty for several months, which ends right as RotS begins. Maybe the Old Republic or the Naboo placed a lower priority on marriage before pregnancy, or publicity of relationships.

In the ROTS novel it makes mention that she started wearing more flowing dresses and outfits to hide the pregnancy, much like they do on TV nowadays. Obi-Wan couldn't have known about the pregnancy. After he "kills" Anakin on Mustafar, he takes Padme to the asteroid station where he is genuinely shocked when they tell him she is pregnant.

Padmé amidala

Or am I thinking of Cpt. Organa's reaction? Obi-Wan is shocked that there are twins.

In an earlier scene he says something along the lines of "He's the father, isn't he? Everyone knew Padme was pregnant. How would you hide it?

Padme just chose not to tell anyone who the father was. He's shocked that it's twins, but he definitely knows considering before that there's a scene where he talks to Padme and figures it's Anakin's child ren.

Anakin did know about the pregnancy, but probably not that they were twins. Protecting Padme was why he fell to the dark side.

OP is asking about how the other Jedi failed to notice, and really there is no good answer for that unless you go with the dark side was clouding their vision so they somehow just failed to notice it. Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago.

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