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How to clean an onahole, I How look clean somebody onahole loves naughties

Got questions about onahole maintenance, or how to clean an onahole? J-List has answers! Welcome to the Zen and the Art of Onahole Maintenance blog post, helping you maintain and care for your favorite onaholes for years!

How To Clean An Onahole

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How do I clean an onahole?

Print AM Product Questions adult products adult toy cleaning maintenance onahole sex toy. The best way to clean an onahole is to wipe it out with tissues several times, until dry, then store.

As long as the toy is fully dried inside you should have no issues. It is sometimes possible to turn onaholes inside out to clean, though we generally don't recommend this as it could make the onahole tear, or otherwise shorten the life of the onahole.

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