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How to get crystal dragon, Japaneses lady search get crystal for How

The main aim of the original Spyro the Dragon was to rescue the eighty Crystal Dragons that have been scattered across the various levels. How To Find : Jump into the well near the start of the level to find this dragon.

How To Get Crystal Dragon

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Crystal Dragon is a Legend Dragon. Crystal Dragon is the second entry in the Preserver Collection. You'll be lucky to see her! Dragon City Wiki Explore.

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Also: Crystal doesn't even make as much as quake, or look as good.

Why it is 24 hrs I'll never understand. Also, Crystal has 48 hours of breeding and incubating whereas the quake only has 12 hours of both.

It would make sense if crystal sold for k and quake k but they sell for the same. Either way k isn't much.

It's gotta be the worst-selling 24h dragon by a long-shot. Forge and scoria and stuff sell for way more.

Spyro reignited trilogy

Heck, iron dragons sell for 10x more and they only take 4 hours. I guess it's just flavor added to the game, since in reality, crystals take a really long time to grow.

But it sure is annoying. Strike four: It looks fucking stupid.

Get a crystal dragon quickest by combining:

I mean seriously? It looks like a purple flying cow with a large mandible, composed of crystals and fairy wings. Found the internet! Three reasons why I'm starting to hate the Crystal Dragon.

Only for this month. Posted by 9 years ago.

Three reasons why i'm starting to hate the crystal dragon.. (only for this month)

Sort by: best. Another fucking crystal for me, as well.

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