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How to wake up your mom, Ethiopians your looking up How for mom

That's what you really want in bed, right? If you're often up when you should be snoozing, we've got 19 tricks to try.

How To Wake Up Your Mom

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Not everyone is a morning person.

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Is there any way to wake mom up when she is in a deep sleep?

I awake to the shrill sound of the phone ringing and look over at my alarm clock covered in Barbie stickers. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and glance around my room until the sleepiness fades from my mind and I come back to reality. I get out of bed as the phone continues to ring and trip over toys and dirty clothes on the floor.

Dad calls every morning at the same time to check on us. I have been staying home from kindergarten the past few days because I have the flu. Mom is home sick too. My brother spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa last night so they could take him to school. The phone rings again. I yell out her name a few more times, progressively getting louder. Is she okay Daddy?

Do you know how to call ? Please come home fast. I hang up the phone back in the living room and rush back to Mom. I shake her furiously as I start to cry. One of my tears falls on her cheek. I wipe it away. I think he called while he was driving because he starts talking about getting her ready for the paramedics. I grab a T-shirt and sweatpants thinking they will be the easiest to get her into.

Dad holds her up as I try to get her arms through the sleeves of the shirt. It reminds me of dressing my dolls, except a lot more difficult because of her size and my tear-blurred vision. We just manage to get the clothes mostly on when I hear the sirens getting close. Soon the house is filled with people in uniforms towering over me. As I sit down on the living room couch, I hear some men asking Dad if Mom is an addict.

With all the conversations going on in the house, it is becoming loud, and the policemen are making a mess. I think about how upset Mom would be if she saw them destroying the house. My head starts to spin from all the commotion and I remember how sick I feel. I stand up to get some water from the kitchen, but the movement is too much for me and I vomit on the living room floor. One of the policemen who is making a mess of our house turns around and sees what I have done.

How to wake up your parents

I tell him no, but they just start searching through our things more furiously. Grandpa walks through the front door and sits next to me rubbing my back. I can tell from the look on his face that he is very worried but is trying to hold in his emotions for me. He looks at me and gives me a half-hearted smile.

I can hear commotion going on in the bedroom. As they roll Mom out the back, I follow them.

The day mom didn’t wake up

When we get around to the front of the house, I see that we have made quite a scene in the neighborhood. Emergency vehicles line the entire block and almost all of my neighbors are standing on their porches staring at Mom as they lift her into the back of the ambulance. At the hospital, Mom was diagnosed with sudden liver failure. She thought she had twin boys and that Reagan was president. I had to scrub my hands for a minute, put paper booties over my shoes, wear a gown and a mask over my mouth before I was even allowed to enter her room.

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She had tubes coming out of her face and arms connected to machines and IV bags. Family members from across the state came to visit Mom. The nurses kept the flowers on their circulation desk where my mom could see them from her room. Slowly, her room filled with get well cards, colorful balloons and stuffed animals.

They looked out of place in contrast to the white walls and floors. Mom got a transplant four days after arriving at the hospital and it went as well as anyone could have hoped for. She spent the next couple months in the hospital recovering from the surgery.

She had to learn how to walk again, learn about all the medications she had to take and when to take them, and heal from her incisions. She has to be careful not to get sick, because the slightest cold could send her back to the hospital. But, thanks to the man in Alaska who decided to be an organ donor before he died, Mom gets to see the rest of my life and live her own. She has taught me that every moment you get with someone is a gift and should never be taken for granted.

She has taught me to value love and friendship above all else, because in the end, to love and be loved is the most important thing in life.

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