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Induced lactation stories, Elitesingles story seek lactation for Induced

We were recently introduced to Glenis Liz-Decuir, a Mama who has ly given birth to and breastfed two children, and is now planning to co-nurse with her wife, who is carrying their third .

Induced Lactation Stories

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Our story this week comes from Dana. She shares her journey as an oversupplier with breastfeeding. Being a first-time mom and a Labor and Delivery nurse, I thought breastfeeding would be easy and come naturally, but little did I know I had a lot to learn. In my profession I have helped many moms start their breastfeeding journey. So, I thought it would be easy for my daughter and I, but from the beginning we have had our ups and downs.

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When Ayla Sherrin found out her wife Bre was pregnant, she was thrilled. A rare genetic condition made it difficult and dangerous for Ayla to become pregnant, so the couple decided that Bre would carry their baby. Inducing lactation is a process a non-pregnant parent can attempt when they want to produce breastmilk to feed their. Also called adoptive breastfeeding, the process takes considerable dedication and preparation, and it can take weeks or months to see.

Some women work with their healthcare provider to develop a pumping and medication regimen to bring in a milk supply, often based on a set of guidelines called the Newman-Goldfarb Induced Lactation Protocol that aims to mimic the hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy and delivery that trigger the production of breastmilk.

vary for each person, and the amount of breastmilk they are able to provide is often secondary to their goal of bonding through breastfeeding. Most people—men, women and physicians—do not know that one can breastfeed without ever having been pregnant or having a baby.

She was overwhelmed with hundreds of responses from other nursing parents. No one. We celebrated with Ayla in December when she shared her first drops of breast milk while pumping!

By then, she had found a compatible medication to aid in the production of milk. The best part? Ayla is proudly nursing Beckham two years later!

The road has not always been an easy one. Ayla experienced mastitis and clogged milk ducts multiple times.

She dealt with bleeding and cracked nipples. These are the highs and lows that many other breastfeeding parents face, and people like Ayla are the reason Breastfeed Chicago exists.

Our Facebook breastfeeding support group is there when breastfeeding challenges arise, moderated by 24 dedicated volunteers who give their time and expertise. And the parent-to-parent support that is shared within the group is invaluable.

Breastfeed Chicago envisions a Chicago where all parents know the benefits of breastfeeding and get the support they need to successfully breastfeed their children for as long as they wish. We do this by connecting people with the information and resources they need, by advocating for breastfeeding-friendly practices by businesses, employers, hospitals and health care providers, and by using our influence as breastfeeding parents to normalize breastfeeding in our communities.

With the continued support of individuals, partners, and businesses throughout Chicago, Breastfeed Chicago will move forward supporting even more breastfeeding parents and building a truly breastfeeding-friendly Chicago. Donate here to help us achieve this goal!

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