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When I told you I wanted to cry when her broom showed up with out her with the text " I've decided to somewhat take part in this year's Linktober! I won't probably draw every day because I have school and stuff, but I'll probably pick a prompt each week, or combine them for a challenge more fitted to my schedule lol.

Irene A Link Between Worlds

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The young witch Irene is a precosious wicth-in-training who can be seen flying around Hyrule. Once Link goes to see the oracle north of Kakoriko Village, Irene encounter's Link and tells him that the oracle told her GREEN was her lucky color and we can all guess where this is going. She offers to help Link travel around Hyrule and eventually Lorule as long as he finds the weather vains save points throughout the game and gives him a special bell to summon her. After a while, Irene will not be there when link contacts her, instead her broom will appear without her on it.

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Junior Witch [1]. A Link Between Worlds. Desert Palace. Witch Grandmother Irene's Broom Bell. Irene is a character featured within A Link Between Worlds. She is a junior witch, claiming to be the best witch of her generation.

When Link rings a special Bell given to him by Irene, she gives Link a ride to any Weather Vane that he has activated in the world he is currently in. Irene's grandmother is also a Witch that sells potions to Link over at the Witch's House. Very early on in the game, Link can see Irene flying around, but she does not come down to talk to Link.

New a link between worlds artwork shows off witch irene

She tells Link that the fortune teller told her that she will run into disaster if she doesn't take care of something green. She then gives Link a bell to call her with. Whenever Link is outside, he can call Irene, and after a short dialogue, she will whisk Link away to the requested destination. Sometime after Link has acquired both the Pendant of Wisdom from the House of Gales and the Pendant of Power from the Tower of HeraIrene will disappear and only her broom will appear to transport Link around Hyrule. If Link visits the Witch's House, he can learn from Irene's Grandmother that Yuga had come to the shop and turned Irene into a painting.

The elder witch was helpless to prevent Yuga from attacking her granddaughter. Irene will remain in Yuga's possession until Link enters Lorule. After Link journeys into Lorule, the seven sages are scattered throughout the overworld. While in Lorule, calling Irene will bring by her broom, with the only dialogue being " After completing the Desert Palace, Link discovers that Irene is a descendant of one the Seven Sagesand was thus captured in a painting by Yuga.

After her capturing her broom will still come flying to transport Link, but with nobody controlling it. Irene's painting can be found in Misery Mire after completing the Desert Palacewhere it is being guarded by Zaganaga. Once Irene is rescued, she appears in the Sages' Realmalong with the other rescued sages. Her broom still has no pilot, but the dialogue with Irene before every ride s. Irene, along with the seven other sages use their power to give Link the Triforce of Courage and also work to break the barrier that is surrounding Lorule Castle. Community Wiki Discord Forums. The Legend of Zelda.

Legend of zelda trading card - 77 irene (a link between worlds) (irene)

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A link between worlds

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Linktober microfill 1: witch

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Irene from a link between worlds.

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