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It cannot be denied, Kirk Hammett is a metalhead through and through. Given that his interests shifted from horror movies to Led Zeppelin in his early childhood and youth, his commitment to heavy metal music seems almost like the predictable next step in his development. He was also mentioned in several magazines and publications as one of the greatest guitarists in the history of American music.

Is Kirk Hammett Gay

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Kirk Lee Hammett born November 18, is the lead guitarist and songwriter for the heavy metal band Metallica and has been a member of the band since Before ing Metallica he formed and named the band Exodus. Sticky Facts. What is Kirk Hammett's full name? Kirk Lee Hammett. Where did Kirk Hammett go to school?

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Metallica question

There is no denying it, Kirk Hammett is a metal head through and through. It is not really surprising that his interests gravitated towards metal music.

Given that through his early childhood and teenage years, his interests shifted from horror movies to Led Zeppelin, his commitment to heavy metal music seems almost like the predictable next step in his evolution. He has also been named in several magazines and publications as one of the greatest guitarists in the history of the American music. At the age of five, he got into a fight with his sister and sprained his arm in the process. Kirk started to sell everything in his horror collection to purchase music records. When he was fifteen years old, he focused on learning to play the guitar and bought a substandard Montgomery Ward.

He even took up a brief employment at Burger King. As soon as he was able to purchase a Marshall amplifier, he quit the establishment. Inwhile Kirk Hammett was just 16 years old, he took his passion for music further, forming his own thrash metal band. They became quite a force to reckon with in the Bay Area thrash movement. Inluck shone on Kirk when he got a call from Metallica to come and audition to replace their just-fired lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine. He was still taking guitar lessons at the time, however, he borrowed some money and flew to New York for the audition.

His performance was so impressive that they offered him gay position on the spot. As atHammett and Metallica have released ten studio albums. Their first was released in titled Metal Up Your Ass. For their second album Ride the Lightning, he was he incorporated a riff he had hammett while he was still with Exodus. Inwhile the band was on a support tour in Europe, Kirk Hammet escaped death when a misunderstanding saw him give up his sleeping bunk at the back of their tour bus to bassist Cliff Burton.

Early the next kirk, the band experienced a freak accident that saw Cliff thrown through the window of the tour bus and subsequently crushed under its weight.

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Although he is thankful to be alive, Hammett says the experience still haunts him to this day. The rocker found time to attend college between and This was the period between their fifth and sixth studio albums, Metallica and Load. He graduated from San Francisco University with a degree in Film and Asian Arts, and a new found love for jazz music and blues.

This new influence showed in his improvisations and solos on Load, Reloadand the two albums after them.

Induring the recording of St. Angers, the group halted recording to allow time for their front-man James Hetfield to undergo rehab for his alcohol problems. Kirk who has expressed interest in doing a solo album released his first publication Too Much Horror Business with Abrams Image on October 1, It was essentially an exhibit of all the horror memorabilia he had garnered over 30 years.

The book included everything from costumes from popular horror movies to movie props and horror-themed toys. The rocker has also suffered substance abuse at some point in his career.

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He experimented with cocaine and heroin but finally decided to wean himself of the habit because he did not like its attendant depression. Hammett says that his comic book and horror addiction are a better alternative to his drug addiction and help him stay on track and off drugs. His father, Dennis is part Irish and his mother Teofila has Filipino heritage. He also has a brother named Rick and a sister whose name is unknown.

Kirk Hammet has had several relationships in his time, however, he has gone to the altar on two occasions.

Kirk hammett wife, kids, family, height, age, is he gay?

Inhe married his first wife, a woman named Rebecca. Three years later, inthey ended the marriage.

This happened while Metallica was working on their self-titled fifth album. Inhe got married to his second wife, Lani.

Kirk hammett

This has proven to be a more compatible union as they have been together since then. Kirk and Lani have two children. His first son, Angel, was born in Septemberand his second son, Vincenzo, came in June Also, pictures have surfaced of drummer Lars Ulrich kissing other members of his band mostly on the cheek, but with tongues out too.

Among them all, Kirk seems the most comfortable with the poses. However, Ulrich says it is all just joking around and Hammett has not said or done anything to substantiate the rumors. Also Read: Top 10 Richest People in the world with full biography and details.

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