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It sucks to be luigi, Japaneses luigi looking up friend especially for sucks

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It Sucks To Be Luigi

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Luigi is your run-of-the-mill loser who is trying to get out of his brother's shadow who incidentally never shows up in the comic. The world is constantly out to get him, however. He starts out without a single friend, but as the series goes on he gains support from DaisyRosalina and Link. Ended Christmas Day It can be found here on DeviantArt. Community Showcase More.

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Luigi sucks.

See a problem?

Mario is times the hero he'll ever be and deserves every single bit of praise he gets. Mario gets shit done. If Luigi were the one captured by King Boo, do you think Mario would be a little bitch about his rescue, pussyfooting around, shaking in his boots? Mario would be feeding ghosts left and right hooks while simultaneously fucking their ghost wives because Mario is a chad. Luigi, in every incarnation where he has a personality, is a bitch.

And how has that helped Luigi at all in his adventures?

The only games where he saves Mario or isn't shown up by him are games that have nothing to do with athletics. Mario consistently kicks Luigi's ass without even trying. And to top it all off, Mario has an outstanding personality. He's likeable, charismatic, optimistic, and an all around good guy.

Luigi has nothing in his favor.

Luigi barely has Princess Daisy. He's scraping up Mario's sloppy seconds. That doesn't make you cool, Luigi, it makes you a tool. Luigi didn't deserve to get his own year. I get that it is more of a celebration of the little siblings who don't get as much recognition in the shadow of older ones, but Luigi as a character doesn't deserve shit.

He's a little bitch who needs Mario to drag him along into everything, because otherwise he'd be too busy at home hiding from his own shadow.

Luigi sucks, Mario is better, Game Theory is fun but not canon, stop trying to say that Mario is some sort of psychopath and poor Luigi is the true hero. Did you forget that time he grew giant and saved the entire Dream World, OP? Did you forget the time Bowser kidnapped Mario and Luigi had to come save him by blasting Bowser's ass into the arcticOP? Did you just happen to forget the time when Luigi was Player 1OP? Who cares if Luigi is scared of ghosts. He's stood up to that fear not oncenot twicebut soon to be three times and still saved the day. That's more courage than you'll ever show.

Luigi could kick your ass any day of the week. You're just a hater.

2. welcome to weegie cart

Dream world, meme world, tbh. Luigi was lucid dreaming, he could do whatever he wanted. You or I could wipe away the universe in a lucid dream if we wanted, that doesn't take skill or even bravery. Why is Luigi still afraid of ghosts? As you've pointed out, he's gone up against them several times.

I'd be more scared of Bowser or nearly any other villain that Mario faces because he isn't handed their weakness instantly and given all of the tools necessary to succeed from the start. What Luigi does is basically a glorified fetch quest. He has the "I win" machine in the Poltergust, and yet is still scared shitless by fodder boos, who Mario has no problem with in mainline games despite the lack of tools to beat them.

Peach declined Mario's haphazard proposal while Luigi and Daisy's relationship is so solid they erected a statue to it. He's likeable, charismatic, optimistic, and an all-around good guy.

Is he? I couldn't tell you how Mario is charismatic. He's boring, honestly, in Nintendo's continued attempts to make Mario an everyman. Luigi has ten times the personality and charm. Luigi might be a coward, but he still actually pushes himself forward into danger.

Luigi and Daisy have interacted approximately 7 times in their entire history. Their relationship is about as solid as a background married couple in a sitcom. Peach rejecting Mario kind of spits in the face of years of characterization tbh. Mario doesn't usually exhibit that kind of competitiveness outside of the sports games and even then he's usually a good sport The scene where he steps on Luigi's shoe is out of character as well.

Mario is the everyman, that's true, but every character sans the villains loves him.

He's constantly helping people, often times with no reward other than just saving the world. Mario has had plenty of solo adventures, whereas Luigi has had like 2. Luigi's permanent status as second fiddle has nothing to do with Mario keeping him down, he just refuses to reach higher. This is what I don't understand. What charm does Luigi have? What's charming about constantly relying on his brother to save the day?

Luigi sucks

There are three games that everyone loves to bring up where Luigi steps up, yet Mario has ten times that where he does it but better. Luigi overcomes his fears, sure, but Mario does that all of the time and nobody ever gives him the same amount of praise as Luigi. Mario's entire character is acting for the good of others by putting himself at risk. Of course he sucks what the fuck else is he supposed to do with the vacuum. Also, Luigi handles like he's on fucking ice every time I played as him.

1. castles

How can Luigi have less ChadPoints than Mario when he's taller? New Super Luigi U. Mario literally couldn't complete that game, lacking Luigi's athletics. Luigi didn't have Mario to drag him along in the Luigi's Mansion games, nor is he generally seen to be "dragged along"; he simply goes on adventures with the rest of the gang.

Mario beat his brother in Super Paper Mario. I think that's the only time they fought. Oh no he's afraid of ghosts. He still goes and fights them and beats them.

Are you not afraid of ghosts? Ghosts will fucking fuck you up. Not being afraid of ghosts sounds insane. Have we ever had an instance where Luigi actually refused to help and things went poorly as a result? Also: While it's hard to tell exactly what is canon, most of Mario's victories very plausibly include Luigi right there.

I'm not going to try and claim Luigi is "better" than Mario. That'd be silly. But Luigi has proven himself a hero in his own right time and time again, and is an invaluable ally for Mario. I'd be much less afraid of ghosts if I had the Poltergust with me and had literally been in situations where I had to go through boo houses without one, like Luigi supposedly has, if he's been with Mario most of the time.

You're just jealous you can't ice skate across Final Destination with wavedashing.

This series contains examples of:

Mario was literally kidnapped by King Boo and you think he would be able to stop him if the roles were reversed? Is this a response rant? Sounds like a response rant to me. I was inspired by that rant, it's true, but I'm not really disagreeing with it or even talking about the same subject, just the same characters. This is something I've been thinking about for a while, that thread just pushed me to do it. Found the internet!

Luigi Sucks.