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Photo: Netflix Source:Whimn. Who needs a reason to chill, right? Later on in the series the sex gets so good they break the bed.

Jessica Jones Luke Cage Sex Scene

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Netflix has a variety of shows that you can enjoy: From romantic comedies that make you blush to thriller films that make your heart race. Common knowledge, but Netflix also has a lot of TV series with steamy sex scenes.

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Jessica Jones has been a big hit for Marvel, Netflix and everyone involved with the series, leading to a Season 2 pick-up. Be aware that there are some spoilers. Question: After everything that your characters went through in Season 1, where would you like to see things go in Season 2? I would love to be in that room. I love the creative process. As with all of the characters in Jessica JonesTrish has an alias.

They all have an AKA. Rachael, are you expecting to get to portray Hellcat and put on the costume?

Krysten and Mike, can you speak to the mental states of your characters, at the end of the season and going forward? He's the reason why she got up, every day. He's the reason why she went out in the world. It really gave her a purpose. And I don't think that the past trauma just goes away with his death. So, her head space is really complex. What I loved about where they left the character is that it was like Jessica's good-bye. Luke wasn't even conscious for her good-bye, and when he awoke, it was like, "What's happened?

He didn't expect to have this happen to him. And I think where he goes will be directly related to where he came from, in the story of Jessica Jones. But it's a long arc and a long storyline, and I think it leaves us in a great place to see how we interact again, whether that be for The DefendersJessica Jones Season 2, or whatever.

We'll see. I don't know. She finally felt like something good would happen, and then he was not there. It was just heavy. He goes off Uptown and does his own thing.

You will see some of that. But in the sense of how I was able to play off of her and understand our relationship, it helped me to understand who Luke Cage is, too. He could have intervened with Kilgrave, but that was something she had to deal with for herself. How much will Luke Cage feel like a sequel to Jessica Jones and how much will it stand on its own? It seems that everyone connected with the character, and we enjoyed shooting it.

We pride ourselves on all being unique shows, and Luke Cage is definitely not a sequel to Jessica Jones or a spin-off. That being said, I look forward to seeing what Luke Cage has to offer. Carrie, we saw Jeri Hogarth really straddle the line of almost becoming villainous sometimes while also staying someone the audience can root for. How did you feel about what you learned about her experiences? MOSS: I think she was completely humbled and completely stripped away of every single thing that defined her as a human being, and she was left raw and completely vulnerable.

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And yet, she was able to redeem herself in a small way. Who knows where it will go? She ultimately had everything pretty much destroyed because of that. What do you think it is that makes Jessica Jones unique among other superhero stories? In some way, shape or form, they felt like they could relate to it, on some level, because they went through some form of unspeakable horror like what Kilgrave did to Jessica.

That, in itself, is something that most people shy away from, even in shows that are on cable or in movies. People talk about it and glance over it, and you see the act happen, which is gratuitous because we all know what happens when this happens. But this show was exploring the aftermath, and that is unique. This is the aftermath.


In that regard, it opened doors to be relatable to so many people. On top of that, she has superpowers, too. TAYLOR: What makes it so unique is that it really is an allegory for many different types of abuse, whether it be sexual abuse, physical abuse, or psychological abuse. To do it within the framework of the superhero world and the comic book world is so incredibly brave and unique. People have responded very positively to the portrayals of sexual abuse and PTSD that this show explores.

From the time I got the first couple of scripts, I always felt that this was groundbreaking material and a groundbreaking character. The portrayal of PTSD and things like that felt really big and important. We were very grateful that the response has been so positive. If we get a great review, then more people watch it.

Sex scene in 'jessica jones'

Netflix is amazing. I got the DVDs, back in They really allow a lot of creative freedom.

I have three small children, so I need that flexibility, in order to really get into a show. I feel so grateful. But this goes out everywhere, on the same day. This show features some of the most intense, aggressive sex scenes on television. What was your comfort level with each other, in doing those scenes? He's all-right looking, but he is also just a nice guy and always has your back. I always felt really safe and protected, and it's so choreographed.

There's really nothing sexy about it. We pick on each other, more like brother and sister, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It's not us.

It's just the 20 or 30 people that are around on set, who normally wouldn't be on set. That's always interesting. But, I really thought that it turned out as good as it could turn out. I'm surprised at the response to those scenes.

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That being said, when we're doing the stuff, I don't think we're thinking about that stuff, consciously. But as professionals, we just try to keep the jokes to a minimum, when we're in a certain situation. When we're not doing that, we're joking. When we've got to do that, we try to keep it to a minimum because it's a little interesting when you're half-naked.

Other than that, everything is good. Mike, how was Luke changed by being around superheroes and super villains? Luke is not used to having someone completely take over and dominate him like that. That was probably a little emasculating, I would imagine.

After everything he went through, will Luke feel differently about the fact that Jessica had to kill his wife? It will be interesting to see how they get their relationship on the mend, or if it will mend and when. Does he have to go on his own journey then, before he can try to get back on the same with her again? It was just a random, chance meeting and the chemistry was there. It happened and it was undeniable. Are you excited about getting to do scenes between Luke Cage and Iron Fist?

I am [excited]. Season 1 of Jessica Jones is currently available at Netflix, and Season 2 has been picked up. Christina Radish is a Senior Reporter at Collider.