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Published: 31 Oct Time for one more great oral creampie :. Two thick latinas at one time.

Kate Upton Titfuck

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Home Kate Upton seduces two men part 2 titfuck,facial,xxx,free,celeb. Kate Upton seduces two men part 2 "Who the fuck is this? Your boyfriend? He could have said something but it wasn't worth it.

This may have been the only chance he got to spend an evening with her like this and if he had to share it with another man, then it was worth it. Kate looked over at Tom and titfuck to drop her robe completely to the floor as she slowly took her hands and ran them through her hair. The man's eyes studied her from those huge kates all the way down to her dripping wet pussy that was shaven perfectly in beauty. She turned to her side and then he got a great view of that ass, the one part of her body that Kate felt she didn't get enough attention towards.

Sinking down onto her knees again, the blonde model looked at him as Upton had been somewhat embarrassed seconds earlier but his mind quickly had washed away when Kate grabbed his cock and began to stroke it again.

Kate upton seduces two men part 2

Tom had quite a show to witness as it took him time to get his shirt and pants off, not even counting his shoes and socks to be completely naked with the other two people in this room. Kate brought her mouth back down on Ralph's rod and began to quickly bob her head up and down as her tongue slobbered all over his shaft.

He threw his head back moaning at the same time Tom had finally finished undressing and turned to see the action going on. He couldn't help but tease the other man in the room now. Like, you have no idea man! Kate come off of Ralph's cock with a loud pop noise and then turned her head to see Tom walking towards her. Kate looked up at him as she used her free hand and grabbed a hold of his cock and began to stroke it.

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She positioned herself up on her kates better so she could trade looks back between the two men. She had Ralph's saliva coated rod in her right hand and Tom's dry shaft in her left. Her hands worked both of their meaty cocks together at once. Kate moaned and began to speak to them in her low upton voice that she knew Tom would recognize. Both of your big fucking cocks in my hands. While she began to suck on Tom's large rod, her right hand continued to stroke Ralph at the same time.

It wasn't usual for her to have a stranger's cock in her mouth but at a time like this that she wanted to indulge in some naughty fun, she didn't think twice about it. Kate knew men lusted for her body and she took complete titfuck of that as a strength. Her mouth quickly bobbed up and down on Tom's cock forcing the man to moan loudly. After a good bit, she came up with a loud pop sound and placed her hand back on his shaft.

Turning to her right, she gave Ralph's cock equal attention to her oral hole.

Sucking it down once again as she began to bob her head up and down, just as she was doing to it before the second guest to her party made his arrival. She smirked before wrapping her hand back around his shaft.

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Simultaneously, her hand moved at the same time of her mouth bobbing up and down on the meat pole between her lips. After a good bit, she came off Tom and alternated again. Just like before, her hand found the cock free from her jaws and began to stroke it up and down while her lips did work over Ralph's long pole. Tom reached down and used his hand to play with one of her big tits, caressing his hand over it before pinching her nipples.

Those were the huge knockers that she spoke of in those naughty voice messages and he wanted his cock between them right now. He waited till Kate was done sucking on Ralph's meat and when she turned her attention back to him, Tom gave his order.

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You wanna fuck my tits? This left Ralph neglected for the time being, while Kate giggled and teased Tom. You had to use your imagination when I teased you over the phone, they're pretty epic now that you have seen them, huh?

Funny how he had no idea it was Kate Upton who had her famous breasts wrapped around his cock. Tom placed his hand down on her shoulder as he began to thrust forward and fuck her big tits. All the while, Ralph didn't want to be felt left out so he stepped forward and swung his cock towards her mouth on the right side. He let it slap against her cheek to her attention in which Kate responded by turning her head and opening her mouth to slobber over it before closing her mouth. Kate moaned out over Ralph's titfuck while Tom was pumping between her those breasts. For the time being both of the men were in a world of pleasure that they shared from her seductive body.

Tom pumped his shaft between her tits and Ralph moved forward to let his cock continue exploring her mouth. Kate closed her eyes and embraced the ecstasy of feeling Tom's rod pump between her massive breasts and moaning all over Ralph's rod. It was a hard argument for either of them to stop right now but Ralph's eyes watching the other man's cock pound between those tits made him a little envious over that position.

He quickly pulled his rod from her kate, while Kate opened her eyes and flicked her tongue to break the little saliva strings upton.

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Ralph spoke, "I gotta fuck those tits now man, I been wanting to for a long time! They feel amazing around my cock. My mouth or my pussy? Kate moaned and looked up at Tom with a smirk on her face while she let go of her tits to free his fat dick from between them. Ralph stepped back and now the woman who was at the center of attention stood up from her knees and looked at the bed beside them. An idea had popped into Tom's mind seeing them move a bit.

And he can get on top and fuck your tits, like he wanted.

The older man moved to the edge of the bed where titfuck inviting pussy lay waiting, while Ralph moved and climbed up to sit on her chest and slap his cock up at those enormous mounds upton flesh that he desperately was dying to fuck. Kate placed her hands on her breasts as she looked up at Ralph, she couldn't see Tom who lowered himself down to his knees and poked at her wet opening with his fingers causing her to squeal in excitement before calling out to Ralph.

Go for it! She pushed them together, completely making his cock disappear in the prison of flesh that she created. The man began to kate forward and fuck her huge breasts, all the while Kate just hung her head back on the bed and watched the head of his cock poke up each time he thrust up. Tom was on his knees and while was expecting something else, she could not complain when she felt his tongue slip into her delightful hole.

The model moaned loudly as he darted his tongue into that pussy and began to lick her. Eat it, Tom! This was the rare time she could enjoy having her pussy licked while a man also fucked her breasts at the same time. She knew what her body was built for and she greatly enjoyed it, Ralph was thrusting away like a mad man getting faster while Tom took his sweet precious time relishing the taste of her loving hole.

Ralph was bound and determined that he soon was going to cum and give her a nice pearl necklace. That was the difference between Tom who wanted to wait since he knew he was so close to busting a nut from her oral work minutes early. Ralph grunted as he thrust forward and then screamed out to her. She didn't let go of her tits, as he tried to thrust between them while he hit his climax, the sticky substance between her tits made his cock glide a little faster as more cum leaked out and over her neck.

Tom on the other hand had stopped his kate play and moved up, ready to insert his rod into her. Ralph moaned out as he spoke. He began to lift himself up from her stomach and then Kate looked forward to see Tom standing up and placing his hands at both of her legs that were stretched out but before she could say anything, he thrust his rod into her wet tight pussy. The blonde model moaned out to him. While the man at the edge began to slowly fuck her, Kate wanted more. She titfuck Ralph move over on his knees over the bed and she put his hand on his cock to lead it back to her mouth.

He got the hint and began to thrust forward as his cock pushed down her throat in unison with Tom pumping into her pussy. Kate's huge tits were covered in cum between which remained there giving her a shiny coat of upton. Her moans were muffled against Ralph's cock but the two men made sure to brag of their pleasure.

The two men pumped into both ends of Kate's lovely body while she took a cock in the mouth and her pussy. The blonde girl moaned into Ralph's shaft as Tom pumped harder and faster into her from the edge of the bed.

As much as he wanted to force himself to cum, he had better ideas than this. He had not touched that ass yet and soon he was going to. The older man called out to Ralph now, "Hey, you should get a load of this! Take her pussy and I'll take her ass, how about that?