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Ku harlem shake, I'm found harlem who wants hangouts

Crazes and viral topics allow sporting teams to provide entertainment of a different kind than just the excitement of sport the athletes participate in. Offering some comic relief through such videos offers fans a different insight into the daily lives of an organisation and athletes.

Ku Harlem Shake

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Next: Oct. Kansas basketball fans will be most interested in the left side of the screen, where former KU guard Mario Chalmers is dressed up as — appropriately — Nintendo's Super Mario. Chalmers also was recently featured in Lifestyle magazinewith a lede I thought was great:. Mario Chalmers has a table reserved at his favorite restaurant in South Florida. The video of that is below from KU Athletics.

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At University of Kansas people take basketball pretty seriously. Was there any doubt this group would hop on the most ubiquitous dance craze in recent memory?

Nope, and they executed it masterfully. As a KU basketball diehard and amateur Internet scholar, allow me to offer a few observations:.

This hit just as the meme had peaked in popularity but before it was played out. With the hyper-speed with which this meme overtook the internet, that was a tiny window. Well played.

Front and center sporting a kilt, he absolutely kills it. He nails his role as Robot Guy, an ode to Dave Chapelle.

Cue the transfer rumors. This time it happens to be in a Jason mask and green button-up. He looks a little too comfy in that bib and adult onsie.

Also, his Instagram game is on point. Sometimes the best player has to don a chicken outfit.

The young fella steps up. As a KU basketball diehard and amateur Internet scholar, allow me to offer a few observations: 1 Viral videos, as with basketball, are all about timing.

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