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Lelouch x milly, I Lelouch milly guy that like japaneses

Considering the limitations and restrictions concerning Lelouch due to his mom's 'common' heritage if there was no assasination maybe those two would have ended up in a arranged marriage? Observing said: Considering the limitations and restrictions concerning Lelouch due to his mom's 'common' heritage if there was no assasination maybe those two would have ended up in a arranged marriage? Charles would have most likly have forced Lelouch to secretly marry as many woman as he could afford and then ofisurly re- marry the one that is the first one to give him a healthy son.

Lelouch X Milly

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Now what I am asking is more of a fanfiction but we all know that Milly had feelings for Lelouch. What if she acted on those feelings and Lelouch reciprocated them? Would the relationship they go into be more of a serious romantic relationship, something on the lines of "puppy love" or of a more sexual nature like friends with benefits?

Furthermore, would their relationship affect the overall plot of code geass for ex: if Milly found out Lelouch was Zero how would that turn out? Personally I'm more of a Lelouch X C. Think you nailed it.

Bandai maiden soul nano / code geass: lelouch of the rebellion milly ・ ashford (pink)

Something I forgot to add do yu think Lelouch and Milly would make a good couple if they got together. Well I think a lot of it would be affected by Lelouch's choice to remain hidden after the invasion of Japan.

If he took the risk of revealing himself and Nunnally unlikely though it certainly would be, as he didn't want her to be a political playthingperhaps Charles could have relented and allowed him to be under the supervision of the Ashfords. Although, given VV's violent predilection to hate the Lamperouge family, maybe Charles was quite thrilled that Lelouch had kept himself hidden as long as he had been. Then again, even assuming Shirley doesn't enter into the equation, Lelouch's rumoured 'sexuality' or lack of sexual interest thereof, excepting his S2E9 "proposal" to Kallen and childhood flirtations with Euphemia would still be a barrier to his sexual proclivities and any fanfic that doesn't acknowledge this really is writing a Lelouch that is very fundamentally different from the OG Series Lelouch.

Milly ashford

He did? I'm assuming you mean proposing a relationship, but I don't remember him ever doing that to anyone in the original show. That said, he isn't necessarily asexual, just way too focused on his rebellion to care about that stuff. You know, I wondered in a fanficcy way if Lelouch would offer to marry Milly to save her from a bad arranged marriage, but then I realised no, he'd more likely hold her in contempt for going along with something she doesn't like.

3: it's milly time!

He doesn't seem interested at all when she tells him in R1 that she's not able to wriggle out of her engagement to Lloyd and it's because as far as he's concerned, if you hate what you're being made to do you should refuse to do it. For all that she's his only true friend outside of Suzaku, I don't think he's got any sympathy for her position at all. In fact, I'm sure that it's because she's going along with her family like this that he doesn't trust her more - if push comes to shove and her family decide to sell him and Nunnally out, could he count on her to defy them for their sakes?

She won't even defy them to protect herself, so obviously she wouldn't defy them to protect her foster siblings.

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Found the internet! What if Lelouch and Milly went into a relationship and what kind of relationship would it be?

Would this affect the overall storyline? Posted by 2 years ago.

Sort by: best. All of this my own opinion, of course. Continue this thread.

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