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Liam Cunningham Naked

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Liam Cunningham born 2 June is an Irish actor. Dobri Delovi fast-forwarding to nude and sexy video scenes.

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Rugged Irish sex symbol Liam Cunningham has laughed off suggestions that he is a 'ladies man' saying women don't try to get his drawers off him -- and even snub him when trying to chat up his friend, heartthrob Colin Farrell. T he spellbinding actor may be known for making women go weak at the knees but he also admits that growing older has made him more self-conscious when performing sex scenes. The Dublin-born actor was speaking from the Clarion Hotel in Cork as he publicised his critically acclaimed new film Hunger, which has already won numerous accolades, including the Camera d'Or prize for Best First Feature at the prestigous Cannes Film Festival.

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Laid back in a T-shirt and jeans and sporting several days stubble, he said, "I suppose I am a bit of rough. I'm originally from Coolock, I'm rough around the edges. Cunningham, who has received widespread applause for his role as moderate Belfast priest Fr Moran in Steve McQueen's new movie, chronicling the last six weeks of the life of the Irish republican hunger striker Bobby Sands, says nights out with Colin Farrell have merely resulted in him being sidelined by women desperate to get the attention of the Hollywood bad boy.

Speaking about Farrell's female admirers, Cunningham says, "Women aren't like that with me at all -- it wouldn't work with me. And Colin, to his credit, handles it absolutely tremendously.

I don't get offers that I have to refuse, I really don't. Wouldn't that be marvellous! No, I'm joking," he quipped.

The happily married family man and father of three children, says he may have a reputation as being a hit with women because of his sexed-up roles on screen. Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7. Enter address This field is required Up. It's possibly because of some of the roles I've done.

I've played romantic le and I've done a couple of sex scenes, I've shagged Tamzin Outhwaite on the boardroom table, although the time I worked with her I tried to kill her.

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But I've no idea where it comes from. It's the bit of rough thing. It must be. Cunningham, who describes fame as being at times like "an orangutan inside a cage", says sex scenes get harder as he matures. You're not in the first flush of youth.

Of course I'd be conscious, you're being filmed, there's a crew of seven or eight people, it's going to be beamed into people's living rooms around the country, can you imagine? The unassuming actor also described himself as living an offbeat existence, balancing the glitz of the movie industry with his home life in Dublin.

I dip into bizarre, very expensive worlds and then I'm back with a bang to reality and I put the bins out. And I try to keep a two week limit on it.

I've got lo of ideas but I need some structure in my life. I need a mission. And he says he was far better at keeping track of his finances in his former life as a tradesman.

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The credit crunch won't make any difference to me; I'm awful with it anyway. Speaking about the feted scene in his latest movie Hunger, where his character shares 23 minutes of snappy dialogue and thought-provoking ideological debate with IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands Michael FassbenderCunningham says, "The script is beautiful and intelligent. When [the director] told me he wanted to do the scene in one shot I thought he was out of his mind but eventually I felt we could do it. It was hard learning 28 s of dialogue but the real challenge was performing it and keeping the emotion the entire way through.

Liam takes the 'bit of rough' with the smooth. Facebook Twitter. Daily Digest Newsletter Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.

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