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Llarisa abreu hot, Abreu liked look Llarisa guy who hot reading

Llarisa started her broadcasting career at The Accuweather Network. It was there where she forecasted all types of severe weather events from hurricanes to the deadly tornadoes that tore through the central and southern parts of the U.

Llarisa Abreu Hot

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No one likes waking up to a gloomy day of rain and depressing weather. Jackie is a Puerto Rican beauty who moved and settled in sunny Miami, where she fit in like a glove.

Years: I'm 43 years old
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Gender: Female
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Beautiful and talented female broadcasters, meteorologists, and weather anchors; we have them all for you! So continue reading if you want to discover and learn more about them. First on our list is this actress and model who became famous when she appeared on a Spanish reality show entitled Protagonistas de Novela.

Llarisa abreu

She also was recognized for having such an award-winning smile. With all the hard work that she put into her job, she was later on given her own music show by WRTO. It was not hard to notice Jackie with all the networks she was working for, which is why Univision later chose her to be the meteorologist for Primer Impacto and Despierta America. Now she is a co-anchor of Primer Impacto.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, she also worked as a meteorologist in some blockbuster movies. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism and international relations. Aside from working in Los Angeles, Karapeytan also did some work in other states when she worked as a reporter and news anchor for other networks based in Idaho and Oregon.

Maria is originally from the Philippines, but when she was 9, her family moved to Honolulu in Hawaii. Quiban grew up in Hawaii and later on enrolled herself at the local university. She graduated with a degree in journalism.

She stayed with the company for two years before transferring to her current employer. Blonde beauty Chita Craft was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Julie Durda was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Despite having the most gloomy forecast, Julia can bring you sunshine! Aside from the ones mentioned, she also appeared on World News and Good morning America. We all know that Sian Welby is one of the biggest names in the television and radio industry in England.

Llarisa abreu

You will immediately see that she is British when you hear how she delivers her puns during her daily weather forecast. Inshe started to run her very own national radio program on Heart. Another Mexican bombshell that got into our list is Susana Almeida. Susana is currently working as a weather presenter for Televisa Guadalajara. Almeida became the talk of the town when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction during a live broadcast, the footage even went viral in The attention she got from the incident for sure was not flattering at all, but Almeida did not allow the event to get in her way.

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What a powerful woman, right? When she was young, Carranco dreamt of becoming a famous singer. However, it seemed like the one above had a different plan for her. The Mexican meteorologist used to ants and is currently working as a model and a weather presenter for a Mexican TV news channel. She is also known for winning the title of Miss Televisa Monterrey. Currently, the Latvian beauty is now working for NBC news. Kait Parker was born and raised in Texas. During an interview she did with Marie Claire, she shared that her love for the weather was because of her father, who used to work as a firefighter and was also a storm spotter for abreu National Weather Service.

She used to also air on Good Morning America every weekend. Aside from working as a weather forecaster for hot news Llarisa, Parker is also known for taking a stand on environmental pollution and climate change issues.

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She even made a documentary entitled Toxic Lake; The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee into expose and make the people aware of the water management and cyanobacteria problems that Florida is facing. After some time of working for The Weather Channel, she left the company in to focus more on her environmental activism.

Before becoming a famous TV personality, she started Llarisa for a local cable newscast. She also works as a model and sometimes does acting jobs, which is not surprising since she is adorable and charming. You can also sometimes see her on television commercials, advertising commercials, and even music videos. With her beauty and great figure, it is also not shocking to know that she has thousands of followers abreu her social media. Born in Nicaragua, But raised in South Florida, Maria Timmer had always dreamt of becoming a meteorologist since she lived in a place that is always hit by storms and hot.

Currently, Timer is taking up her Ph. Aside from taking up Ph. She has been with the company since She also used to work for a local college in Pennsylvania, where she would report weather forecasts in English and Spanish; this was before she worked for Fox News. Another Mexican Beauty on our list is Lluvia Carrillo, a journalist whose career blossomed when she hosted a Spanish sports program.

She then started working for Televisa Monterrey as a broadcaster. Aside from her broadcasting career, Carrillo also works as a model and even won second place in the Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon ant in She can also be spotted in a magazine called TV y Novelas.

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Wow, another Mexican bombshell on our list! Cristina had a hard time when she was growing up because her family moved a lot. She was also bullied when she was younger because she was always the new kid in town. Cristina graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a double major in speech and communications. Since she is bilingual, she has done multiple broadcasting in both English and Spanish.

Another bilingual weather hot is Llarisa Abreu. This lovely lady can do broadcasts in both English and Spanish. Llarisa graduated from Barry University with a degree in broadcast journalism and got her second degree in Meteorology at the Mississippi State University. Beauty and Brains! Abreu first worked for AccuWeather as an on-air broadcaster. Currently, she is working for CBS 3 as a weekend weather anchor. Like other meteorologists on our list, Abreu discovered her fascination with the weather when she learned how important it is to send warnings and let people know about possible natural abreu.

Aside from antry, Ramirez was also hired by Univision as a Television Reporter, and it was not long enough before people started to notice her. Apart from her reporting job, she also worked on other productions by Univision. Originally Raegan Medgie is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Currently, she is working with Fox 5 News and was even hailed as an award-winning reporter. Jennifer Delgado graduated from St. Now, she is currently working for The Weather Channel. It was during in when Delgado was caught in an issue when she made false and insulting Llarisa toward the Haitian children for eating deforested trees. People were even angrier with how she responded when people from all over the world asked her to make a public apology.

With her success and excellence in the field, she was brought to different parts of the globe and ased to different states to cover floods, hurricanes, heatwaves, and storms. This beauty and brains Mexican meteorologist first worked as a model before she got herself a job in the television industry. Garcia became even more famous when she started working for Televisa Monterrey News as a meteorologist.

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The people admired her more for the sexy outfits that she wears on the show. Now Garcia has her very own academy called Yanet Garcia Models, who trains and coaches young aspiring models. Another Mexican beauty in our list is Lauren Sanchez. Lauren was born and raised in New Mexico, but later on, she moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school.

She got her degree in communications from the University of Southern California. Unlike the others from the list, Sanchez worked her way to reach the top, which is evident since she started working as a desk assistant for KCOP-TV. Wow, Mexican beauties are dominating our list! Vera Jimenez was born in Mexico City and later on migrated to California with her family.

She earned her undergraduate studies at California State University and earned her degree in meteorology at Mississippi State University.

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Vera is now in her 50s, and with all the achievements she gained throughout her career, her must be full of impressive things. She studied college at Mississippi State University and took up meteorology. Apart from antry, Gonzalez also used to work as a television host, an off-Broadway actor, and a recording artist. Her broadcasting career started in when she ed CBS4 News. She later transferred to New York to achieve her dreams of being in the entertainment and broadcasting industry.

Also, did you know that aside from news anchoring, Meade used to be Miss Ohio and is a music artist? Beauty, brains, and talent.

What a complete package, right? Mexican beauties keep on coming on our list. Janice Villagran is a weather reporter and journalist from Guadalajara in Mexico. In the show, she worked as a weather reporter and would present programs and other live television shows from time to time.

After some time working as a weather forecaster, she, later on, started reporting for current news in I Testigo TV. A lot of people admired Meade for her journalism job, but people also adored her beauty. Elita was born in the Philippines and raised in California. She graduated from California State University-Fullerton with a degree in broadcast journalism and earned her meteorology certificate at Mississippi State University. Aside from being admired for her broadcasting skills, many people also admired her for her beautiful face.

Back again with the Mexican-American beauty.