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I always preferred Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince army secretary disguise. A sparkling pair of green cat's eyes peering out starchily from behind librarian's glasses - how sexy was that? The only frisson to be had from Wonder Woman herself was the tiny scar on Lynda Carter's upper lip which showed up better in red lipstick and the moment when she had to sneak off behind a rock and transform herself into the superheroine.

Lynda Carter Pantyhose

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Superheroine lynda carter answers stupid questions

In Lynda Carter rocked the world of pop culture when she started fighting for our rights in her satin tightsas the first popular live-action Wonder Woman. The show ran for four years and in that time she helped propel the character into a feminist hero. Here are some fun facts about the legendary attire.

Carter performed a lot of her own stunts on the show, and as you can imagine with so much exposed skin a lot of them were extremely dangerous. One of the most imitated aspects of Wonder Woman is the spin around costume change.

Originally this was done in slow motion, as Diana Prince spun into a slow fade into her super-powered alter ego. However, this effect was only used in the first few episodes as it proved to be too expensive and time-consuming.

It was replaced by a normal speed spin, into a light ball effect to obscure the cross over. So when CBS picked up the series the following year it made a of changes including the era.

The show now took place in the modern-day s. Another modification was the look of Wonder Woman herself, as she received a brand new costume. Back in her WWII guise, she had a winged eagle de whereas her later golden emblem featured palm tree style gold stripes. Although the newer costume was more flattering, it instantly dates this interpretation into the decade of disco.

In the show, it was changed, quite rightfully, that her belt was needed to channel her Paradise Island powers. The bracelets had no control over her abilities. As this was way back in the days before CGI, the effect was achieved by small pyros attached to the wrist armor which Carter would set off via a remote control hidden in her clenched fist.

As mentioned before, it was extremely dangerous. As such, the decision was made to give her more dignified, conservative clothing for cowgirl business, whilst retaining the Wonder Woman class. It consisted of a red top and white bottoms but kept the red boots.

Costume deer Donfeld, one word, like Cher, had created a red white and blue bikini for Wonder Woman to adorn when going on underwater adventures. The problem was it had difficulty staying on Carter and all though this would have pleased many a young lad who watched the show, the decision was made to opt for a blue star-spangled wet suit instead.

On anyone else, it wouldn't look very flattering, but Lynda Carter could probably rock up to a red carpet in a potato sack and still look fabulous. Although Wonder Woman is pretty much invulnerable, she still had to set an example to the girls and boys watching at home, which means safety first! When riding a motorcycle she would be sure to wear her stunt suit, which was pretty much just her wetsuit, but with the addition of a helmet and goggles.

Superheroine lynda carter answers stupid questions

Additionally, when popping ollies and clocking in gnarly grinds on her skateboard, she would wear a wonderful red and gold helmet and arm-pad combo. The definitive, and the to this day, the best. By Tim Buckler Published Apr 25, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists wonder woman.