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Male chastity erotica, I look up Male who eroticas chastity

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Male Chastity Erotica

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When Mistress K and Slave D aren't packing your orders or answering your s we like to take some time out to write chastity stories for you all to enjoy reading. There's nothing quite like the feeling knowing that many of our customers and readers have spent time squirming in your locked cock cages while reading these. We love a little tease and denial and hope that these stories go some way to making your swollen balls a little less comfortable.

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Are you unhappy with how much attention he now pays to you?

Do you think that at least part of the problem is that he is paying too much attention to pornography or other women? Has he admitted to you that he masturbates too much?

Would you be willing to give up intercourse with him, at least in the short term, if you got a lot more attention from him, including a lot more oral sex? Are you willing to take control and put in the effort to make your relationship work in a new and exciting way? If yes, you should consider chastity for your husband. To put this in pop psychology terms, Mars and Venus were attracted to each other, romanced each other and fell in love. Mars and Venus got married. Mars eventually retreated into his cave as men are apt to do and erotica there found it convenient to masturbate rather than be with Venus.

All too rarely does he emerge to pay any attention to Venus. Venus thought that with marriage Mars was hers and that male would be a male version of their erotica courtship days. She ignored the advice of wise mothers to daughters for generations that if you want to keep your man you have to keep making him want you because it sounded sexist and not needed in the modern world.

What is a wise Venus to do if she wants a happy lifelong marriage? She has to stop passively letting her marriage pass her by. The first step is that Venus needs to take control by keeping Mars from masturbating in the cave by locking him in a chastity device. The second step is for Venus to enthusiastically embrace her biological and psychological role in keeping Mars turned on.

To make chastity work you need to first develop a plan and then whole heartedly put it into action. I read a lot and communicated with many others and the strong consensus was that chastity to change your marriage has to be real and not a game. This is one of the areas that the goddess, lady, mistress, keyholder or whatever you prefer to be known as must have absolute control of.

Life goes on as it always has, employment, financial, family issues and decisions are all chastity there. Your dominance should not interfere in other areas though you will find he will react differently, often positively, as his feelings and emotions change. Whether this is something that he initiated, the two of you mutually agreed upon or something that you decided to impliment, one chastity is a necessity: there needs to be something for him to gain. You know the things that he likes, that arouse him and put a smile on his face.

Often times we find that these are things that really do not interest us but considering the sacrifice that he is making you too can make sacrifices. Like marriage, chastity needs mutual rewards and often you will find those things that you reward him with will lead to an increase in his being aroused and enhancing his over all demeanor.

Cage him: femdom chastity erotica

It could be giving massages or trying sexual things that he likes but you never desired to try. All of this will heighten his happiness and arousal. He is making a permanent change in his lifestyle and you too may need to make some permanent adjustments so that he feels things are fair. All men, given the ability, masturbate and way more often than most women think they do. This is something that is difficult for him to control and even more difficult to part with.

The urge 3: a femdom and male chastity erotic novella

However, as men grow older masturbating usually translates into the husband ignoring his wife for at least a chastity days. Chastity puts a stop to the masturbation and works in many ways; it changes his mood, demeanor and libido. Most male it changes his desire to please you. It is not the goal for him to do the cooking or the cleaning or the laundry but you will find that it will happen, not routinely but it will happen because as he continues to build up his sexual energy that he no longer has the ability to release as he pleases he will divert that energy towards pleasing you.

Your erotica the source of his sexual pleasure will change his feelings, he will adore you, love you in a way that you desire and he will be eager to please you because you are, as I said, the source of his release.

He will love the emotional boost the two of you share. How to do it, that is an extremely important decision. Developing the correct plan, one that would work for my husband, was the most detailed part of the research process. By taking the advice of many other women, I was able to put a well informed plan together that I was confident that would be successful.

I followed this plan from day one and still, do to this day.

Chastity stories

I have found it works. At least a dozen other ladies have also utilized variations on this plan successfully. We must always remember that sexually we are always in command and that first and foremost we will always be sexually satisfied. This is the cornerstone to happiness for both you and him. My hubby does so anywhere and anytime I say and by any means that I demand. His not being able to experience the pleasure of an orgasm only means that I experience many more than ever before.

You may think that this works only to your advantage and that is a common misconception. It is just as advantageous for him.

Male chastity: a wife’s perspective

He must keep you satisfied to eventually get his release and every time he satisfies you he is happy because he has made you happy. It is important to instill to him that his primary chastity of sexual gratification male be through yours. Eventually every time you experience an orgasm he will have a sense of sexual satisfaction. How you will accomplish this I will explain in a moment.

What could be better, your being pleasured any way you like and experiencing wonderful sensations. He can not have an orgasm but he feels satisfied because you are and he will maintain a high libido. To enforce that you do have a certain amount of control it is important that he is forced to do and maintain a change in his appearance, something between you and he.

This erotica be something that would be embarrassing for him when out in the general public so it should be concealed.

Generally something under his clothes; replacing his underwear with panties is a popular example. In my case, my hubby wears a gold ankle bracelet and must paint his nails with red polish except for occasions that I instruct him to do something different. Achieving your desired is easier than you might think. It is an empowering experience. Depending on your situation there will be differences but there are parameters that should be followed to achieve the greatest .

The most important step is always the first one. This is where he is made to understand that you control his sexual pleasure from this point forward. Most of the women I have talked with agree that it is best to lay out the terms of your new relationship with him in the strongest possible terms.

‘male chastity’ stories

Most favor a written contract, which I followed, so there is no room for confusion. My terms and the consensus advice from those women I talked with are that he agrees to having his penis pierced and permanently locked in a chastity device of your choosing, that you alone have the power to grant him an orgasm and that you may decide never to allow him to have another one, that he agrees perform all services, domestic and sexual, that you request, that he agrees to being disciplined in any way you deem appropriate, and that because he is locked in a chastity device that you may need to find other people to meet some of your sexual needs.

Anything less than this and he has either not admitted that there is a problem, that the erotica has to be permanent and completely effective, or that he has to give up total control of his sexuality and yours to you. It is almost universally held by women who seriously practice chastity for their male that initial enforcement of chastity should be at male three months of continuous wear without relief after you go through the break in period of getting a device that fits. Preventing him from having an orgasm for three month period may seem a bit harsh but it is paramount to your success as it allows his body and mind to adjust to the lack of masturbation and sexual pleasure as desired.

He should be made aware of the time frame immediately upon his being secured in his device, this allows for a clear understanding of the initial commitment of time. If he is at all uncooperative during this first three months, you should add additional time to his lock up.

I gave my husband a two week extension as a warning about whining about getting out and a one month extension the male time he more bluntly told me he needed out. After that there were no more incidents but I was seriously considering three months for the next offense. I tend to agree that with the more experienced women that I talked with that you cannot be too strict with respect to the initial lockup period if you want to achieve the triple goals of getting yourself past feeling that it is your duty to give him orgasms, getting him focused on his new role of pleasing you, and your chastity comfortable with being in charge.

In retrospect, I think that I came down hard on my hubby and added the extra month because I felt myself chastity into the trap of feeling that I had to let him have an erotica since I saw him so frustrated by the chastity device. I am glad that I did. When I finally let him out it was on my terms. After three months of being locked up your hubby would be willing to do almost anything for a release so in that sense the chastity device will have done its job physically but mentally some men can hold out for three months and bounce back to their old ways once you let them cum and they expect future orgasms on a regular basis.

In determining the length of the initial period, you need to consider this. A chastity lifestyle will be very hard on him initially and three months without release will make your seriousness very clear to him. You will have put an end to his days of masturbating erotica your back. His life will never be the same after.

Rather than pleasuring himself when he wants, he will become dedicated to pleasuring you when you want it and how you want it. You will need to be strong and keep up your end of the bargain. When you can do this it will have change the dynamic of your relationship in a way that set you and him on the path to long term happiness. Upon completing his initial confinement period I assure you that you can give him an experience like he has never had before, this is a reward for the couple.

You will have a sense of strength for enforcing it and him for getting thru it. You should make his orgasm a slow drawn out one with lots of teasing. It will be all too easy for him to cum very quickly. You may need to tie him down to keep him on edge but when you finally do let him cum it will be almost too much for his body to handle.