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Males Au Natural

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Man goes au naturel in the great outdoors

Marty Crump. We pull them out like worn bandannas at field-site campfires and conference socials, keeping lecture-hall sleepers awake. We hone our favorites to their finest edge and listen to those told by the masters, hoping to learn something new.

With short, descriptive sentences, Crump paints an impressionistic portrait of five fundamental aspects of animal existence: mating, parenting, feeding, self-defense, and communication. Stepping easily between her subjects as if they were golden frogs, Crump weaves together natural history, poetry, mythology, family memories, and good humor with appropriate amounts of drama and distance.

Each chapter begins with the intriguing, moves to the bizarre, and ends with the most spectacular examples of animal lore, seasoned with experiences from academia, personal friendships, and an elegant grasp of evolutionary and behavioral biology.

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Stephen M. Shuster, coauthor of Mating Systems and Strategies. She writes with great zest, using her carefully selected examples to show how natural selection has shaped all aspects of animal biology. With great clarity, she explains how even the strangest phenomena conform to the basic, simple laws of nature. With examples ranging from sponges to elephant seals, the book covers all major aspects of animal behavior and will be of interest to scientists and laypersons.

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I am certain her stories will inspire many to pursue studies of natural history and behavior. Maureen A. Donnelly, coeditor of Ecology and Evolution in the Tropics. Get the latest updates on new releases, special offers, and media highlights when you subscribe to our lists!

up here for updates about the Press. The natural world is filled with diverse—not to mention quirky and odd—animal behaviors.

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Headless Males Make Great Lovers and Other Unusual Natural Histories celebrates the extraordinary world of animals with essays on curious creatures and their amazing behaviors. In five thematic chapters, Marty Crump—a tropical field biologist well known for her work with the reproductive behavior of amphibians—examines the bizarre conduct of animals as they mate, parent, feed, defend themselves, and communicate.

Steeped in biology, Headless Males Make Great Lovers points out that diverse and unrelated animals often share seemingly bizarre behaviors—evidence, Crump argues, that these natural histories, though outwardly weird, are successful ways of living. Illustrated throughout, and filled with vignettes of personal and scientific interest, Headless Males Make Great Lovers will enchant the general reader with its tales of blood-squirting horned lizards and intestine-ejecting sea cucumbers—all in the service of a greater appreciation of the diversity of the natural histories of animals.

Read an excerpt. Watch out for spine-anointing, toad-chewing hedgehogs; tortoises that stomp the ground to draw up worms; and the mantids of the title that mate more effectively once the female has bitten off their he.

Male or female?

Nature has never seemed so bizarre and splendid. In this book, biologist Marty Crump celebrates animal diversity, with the emphasis on the bizarre. Her aim is to bring the stuff of scientific papers to the general public. She ranges widely, from elephant seals to bowerbirds. The headings include sex, of course, as well as eating, young-rearing and defensive behaviour. Who would believe that hedgehogs anoint themselves with toad venom as a defence? That rabbits eat their own dung?

Or that sea slugs like group sex? The book grosses out, but also educates.

Not for intelligent de proponents. Nobody has a worse life than emperor penguins which breed in temperatures as low as minus 95F C and in wind speeds that reach mph.

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Do they care? I wish I could have read it 50 years ago.

We are living at a time of exponential growth in zoological knowledge, and inspired popularizers like Marty Crump. Back to top. Table of Contents.

Males au naturel

Preface Acknowledgments 1. The Mamas and the Papas 3. Eat to Live and Live to Eat 4.

Related Titles. The Dancing Bees Tania Munz. Into Africa Craig Packer. Be the first to know Get the latest updates on new releases, special offers, and media highlights when you subscribe to our lists!