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Measuring tape tattoo, I'd tape pick measuring that loves teachers

I am considering a tattoo with an amalgam of useful knowledge contained within it. This indelible info might come in handy at MacGyver-esque moments.

Measuring Tape Tattoo

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Some tattoos are only meant to be visually appealing, and others tell a story about ourselves. Having body art that is actually useful, however, is rather rare—which is why you should consider a ruler tattoo!

What is my age: 21
My sexual preference: I love male
Hair: Redhead
What is my favourite drink: Ale
My favourite music: Easy listening

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Many people get themselves inked when there is some sort of turning point in their life or some very special event, like a relationship, a death in family, child birth, break-up or marriage. Sometimes they want to dedicate their emotions or feelings to their loved ones. A tattoo de should be well researched and one should be very sure about the tattoo because you will have the tattoo on your body forever.

If you got a tattoo of a ruler, would it stay accurate forever?

It requires a lot of time to look for the perfect de, so we have created this collection of des which include some exclusive des and some des that we find to be very attractive. Check out the list and I am sure you will find the de you want to get for yourself.

Elvis portrait on inner wrist. RIP Elvis. Tape Measure Bow Tattoo. Final Tattoo.

Measuring tape scissors & button tattoo

New Tattoo Ideas. Tattoo Machine. Moon Goddess Tattoo. Nice Little Birdies.

Measure tape and sewing machine tattoos

Elephant Tattoo. Chest Piece. Wing Tattoo. My Fresh Ink. Mickey Mouse. Quotation Tattoo Idea.

It all began with a de brief.

Believe Tattoos. Gun Tattoo. Round Owl Tattoo. Spider Chip Tattoo. Physics Tattoo. Autism Awareness. Butterflies And Stars. Foot Tattoos. Homer Simpson. Sacred Heart. Deadly full back dragon in black and purple flashing intricate details and little dragonflies and flowers. Dragon Tattoo. Script Tattoo. Campfire Companion.

Wrist Tattoo Ideas. Crazy fan of the luxury brand sporting Louis Vuitton pattern tattoo on head.

Art Inside Me. Seahorse Tattoo. Cross Tattoo Ideas. Shoulder Back Star Tattoo.

Side Arm Tattoo. Baby Portrait. Gothic Rose Vine.

Gorgeous tribute for a loved one. It includes a beautiful text piece, Irish flowers, scroll and butterflies. Tribute Tattoo. Koi Fish Tattoo. Descendents Tattoo. Bug Tattoo Ideas. Mom Approved Tattoo. Bird Silhouettes.

20 ruler tattoo des for men – measurement ink ideas

Peace And Love Tattoo. Peacock feather tattoo. Wedding Tattoo Ideas. Tree Tattoo. Wow Dragon Tattoo. While he is still unable to decide which de to go for, you may pick an idea from here, if you like either of these two.

Cool Tattoo. Samurai Tattoo.

Measuring tape bow tattoo

Harry Potter Tattoo. Cool Arm Tattoos. Jesus And Virgin Mary Tattoo. Lace Bow Tattoo.

Two wild beauties admiring each other. Spooky ID. Swallows Tattoo.

If you don’t have this tattoo, do you even like to fish?

Enso Circle Tattoo. My Hibiscus Tattoo. Cool Owl Tattoo. Remembrance Anchor Tattoo. Hand Tattoo.

Fight Club. Red Jazz Bass. Lovely piece on inner wrist. Reminder Tattoo. Spine Tattoo. Comic Skull Tattoo. Little Birdy Tattoo. Inspired Tattoo. Hooray Feet Tattoo. Thumb Tattoo Ideas.

General question

Bio Feet Tattoo. Chase Your Dream. Owls Tattoo Ideas. Celtic Cross Tattoo.