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Metal gear solid 4 sucks, Solid gear sucks boy Metal phish

Yes, a hot take on a nearly 10 year old game, but nostalgia is fun. Placing Snake in the middle of a city firefight is a fascinating proposition. The dozens of combatants are well aware of each other, and the Alert phases feel like they were left in this section as a mistake.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Sucks

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The series creator says his absence may curtail references and Codec humour, but says stealth will be key and that next-gen formats could lead to more "conceptual" or "spiritual" ideas. Hideo Kojima will take an executive producer role on the next game, the first in a new series featuring Solid Snake. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Never miss a thing. And he's driving a Ford. All Features 7 News Reviews 1.

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Open new ticket Watched. So why have people turned on Metal Gear Solid 4? Thread starter Uzumaki Goku Start date Oct 2, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Metal gear solid 4: the limited edition gamestation watch

First Prev 5 of 8 Go to. IDreamOfHime Member. Oct 27, 9, Because the blinkers are off and they realise the back half of the game sucks? Oct 25, 32, Arta said:. The game is a goddamn embarrassment, from the overwrought characters, silly and contradictory story, uninteresting gameplay, and eyesore graphics dull brown gray colour palette makes Resistance look like Crash Team Racing.

At least with MGS5 you can play any 20 minute section and have fun. MGS4 is repulsive from the initial splash screen. Click to expand Oct 25, 7, I don't think people have turned on it.

I remember the criticisms for it back then too, and I also remember fans really, really did not want to hear them lol. Personally I don't think it's horrible or anything but after the second chapter it felt like I was playing it for the cutscenes. Chackan Member. Oct 31, 4, Great game and an amazing ending to one of the best franchises out there.

Metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

Oct 30, 1, Loved that game second in the series behind mgs 3 and one of the best experiences and games last gen a lot of epic moments. LossAversion Member. Oct 28, 6, Yeah, it has a lot of cutscenes and yeah, a lot of those cutscenes are very lengthy. As Huber would say, "it was the culmination".

It had a lot of story to get through and as a fan, it was immensely satisfying. But hey, if you never played MGS for the story MGSV has you covered. Oct 26, 8, Ishida said:.

Styles clash

Well deserved. Deleted member Banned. Oct 25, 1, They haven't really turned. It's about the same. There's a reason why there was a second GOTY vote on GAF, enough people felt strong negative feelings about the game back then to cause that. If you're noting more of a negative response to MGS4 than before, it's because folks with negative opinions are more likely to speak up down the line than ones who hold a positive opinion. That's just regular human behavior. If a ificant of people had changed their positive opinions of MGS4, the third GOTY vote wouldn't have turned up with the same result.

Mekanos said:. My perspective is probably different from others because I marathoned the MGS series in I liked MGS4, I'm glad I played it, but I definitely felt the level de was underwhelming compared to the games and the boss battles were a mixed bag. I knew the story was bonkers going in so I was ready for that and I enjoyed it for what it is. TylersProphecy Banned. Oct 27, 2, United States. Good or bad, this game needs a port. It cant die on ps3.

Listai Member. Oct 27, 3, LossAversion said:.

So why have people turned on metal gear solid 4?

HououinKyouma00 Banned. Oct 27, Is it my favorite Metal Gear? The ending where Otacon talks about Snake leaving used to make me tears eyed. Protome Member.

Oct 27, 13, Everything after Act 2 is bad and always was. Without a doubt the worst Metal Gear. Pitivity Member. Linus Member. Oct 29, 11, And yeah way too bloated. Also the framerate was like really bad. Super Slamicom said:. There isn't really. But what gameplay is there gets thrown out after Act 2.

Once you hit Prague it is more or less a different game where you jump between from set-piece to set-piece. Asakim said:.

Lttp: metal gear solid 4 (spoiler alert this one sucked)

That has nothing to do with the controls. The game runs like shit and the story is not very fun.

But I have never enjoyed a third person shooter as much as I have enjoyed MGS4's third person shooting. It just feels like I have complete control of my character at all times. When I die it feels like it's my fault and not because the character was stuck in some obnoxiously long animation.