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For whatever reason — my genes, my makeup, my hormones, whatever you want to blame it on — God made me attracted to both sexes.

Mike Manning Naked

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Nationality: Kazakh
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The evolution of the District is fast-paced these days. From summer through fall last year, eight housemates lived at S St. And if they were following all the Real World blogs, they quite likely knew that Mike Manning possibly had more reason than the rest to hit the gay spots. I mike handing out business cards and shaking hands and meeting people. I think by the time I left D. I had a mike new contacts in my Gmail. Between socializing, his jobs with the Human Rights Campaign and the Energy Action Coalition, the gym and manning, Manning became so rooted in the District that he wants to return for good.

Were you raised in a particularly religious home? We would go to church on Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve, stuff like that. Then, in naked school, I started going to youth group with some of my friends. I became really close with my youth pastor and he taught me about the Bible. In high school I found a church and went about once a month. In my junior year of college, my father got involved manning a church band.

That gave him a reason to go. My mom started going every Sunday to watch him, and then my brother and my sister started going. Now we all go to the same church every Sunday. MW: I guess that covers your relationship with the church. What about with the Real World? How familiar were you with the show before you were a part of it? MANNING: I knew kind of the idea that it was a documentary, that they have some sort of situation where people live in a house and they tape them.

It was very vague. Nobody watches that anymore. Why would we waste our time? Moral support. Can you just send me on my way? I actually came out to them a few months before that, so it was very recent. MW: When you came out, that was as bisexual, right?


You identify as bi, not gay? I dated girls. I had my first serious girlfriend when I was 16 and lost my virginity to her. I dated girls all the way until my sophomore year of college. So I was straight. The way I came out is I wrote my parents like a five- letter. I tried to include everything. I love you. I can stay in and watch TV with my mom and do whatever she does.

This is how I was born.

I just want to include you in every aspect of my life. Are you sure you like men? I think the female body is very appealing. I enjoy seeing boobies and everything like that.

My mom started crying. My mom was worried it will make my life harder. You have all these things going for you. She was putting me on this pedestal, holding me to a really, really high standard. Is society going to focus on this? A little bit after that, I talked to my brother. My brother and I are very close. We go to parties together. We play football together.

Only God can judge me, but do what you want. I have cried about this more than everything else. MW: Many people struggle with their relationship with their church when they come out.

Real world's mike manning talks about god, government and going both ways

People get so caught up about some church saying all gay people are going to hell, so they hate all religion. The core values are the same. We know the Bible. We think we are better than you. Church has been one of the best things in my life. I was like, if I lose everybody in my life, at least I have God, at least I have someone up there that loved me enough to die for me 2, years ago. If people that are coming out did turn to God and realize that God is about acceptance and love, they might be able to use that as a source of comfort instead of another obstacle to face. Blah, blah, blah.

People should not give a shit. See where it goes. I like guys and girls.

I find females very attractive. I find males very attractive.

You really do like girls. A lot. I like who I like. If the answer is no — and I could give two shits. Get your nose out of my business. Do what you want with the terms. I just want it understood that I hate and I hate being labeled. My initial reaction was, shit, I wanted this to kind of be a four-month spring break. But that would have killed my liver. I would not have done anything. But I could have chosen no place better than D. I got the chance to lobby congressmen. I saw the president speak.

Greg your way

With me going on the show as gay or bi or whatever — as myself — having the chance to be liberated and make a statement and also work for HRC on the field team and lobby Congress for laws that directly affect my newfound liberation, it was wonderful. I love it. People get shit done. And HRC. MW: In the nearly unique position of being a Washingtonian with cameras following you everywhere, did you still get a good feel for the city? MANNING: The cameras gave me a break a lot of times when I was at work making phone calls and setting up meetings with congressmen and their constituents.

I worked more than anybody else and I branched out. I would wake up early and go work out and meet people at the gym. Kevin [Lynch], the general manager, told me a little bit about their philosophy.

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I got the business card from Kevin and looked them up online a couple days later. I should have. My business teacher would kick my ass. Now I absolutely love what HRC does. And they have a religion and faith department. They have an elementary education area.

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They have diversity. They have the field team, which is what I worked on with legislation and laws, things like that. They have parenting.

They also have marketing and working with companies.