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And as they do every year, some girls saw it as an excuse to bring out their most raunchy outfits.

Most Revealing Cosplay

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Costumes are an integral part of any superhero or super villain's act, because they give them an unmistakable identity. Some of these characters have similar powers, so if they did not have costumes unique to them, telling them apart would be a problem, and following their stories throughout the years would be much harder. Furthermore, most of these characters use costumes to hide their identities, because most of them have to go back to a "normal life" and normal interactions within a community. You would be surprised to learn that most of the characters we think look amazing in their superhero costumes hate their costumes for a of reasons.

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The Comic-Con in San Diego came to an end on Sunday July 27 after four days of exciting announcements about some of our favourite shows and movies. The avid fans also make the convention, so we've picked out 21 of the most committed Comic-Con cosplay diehards below:.

Is his brain his fez?! A sexy female Roger Rabbit with cleavage arrives at Comic-Con. Plain wrong. Three fans appear to recreate the opening bank heist scene of The Dark Knight wearing sinister clown masks. Chopper the biker Boston terrier pays homage to Sons of Anarchy. An avid Doctor Who fan goes all out dressed as the show's Weeping Angel. Three Game of Thrones dragons make a dramatic entrance at the convention.

Yoko littner

Another GoT fan dresses as the smouldering Daenerys Targaryen with strategically placed dragons to protect her modesty. A cosplayer arrives at the event as an impressive Doctor Doom. He must have been fed after midnight! A fan arrives as a dishevelled Gizmo.

A blue painted and black bikini-clad fan arrives as a female Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.

Daenerys targaryen

Is that Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston? Two fans almost fool us as they arrive at Comic-Con dressed as Thor and Loki.

A fan costumes up as a particularly grotesque and gory zombie from The Walking Dead. We're not sure which character this scantily-clad fan is supposed to be, but her eye-catching costume turned he and dropped jaws.

We're also puzzled by this grey-painted fan and his detailed costume. Another dedicated costume-clad fan poses in character painted head-to-toe in white and clutching a black fan. Type keyword s to search. The avid fans also make the convention, so we've picked out 21 of the most committed Comic-Con cosplay diehards below: 1.

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