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Heroes present in this combination have their name in bold for easier reading:.

Original and warband

For almost a thousand hours, I believed 8 companions was the highest "safe" edit: by "safe" I mean "stable over time" heroes combination. I did a bit of Python scripting to see what other possibilities there are for 10 companions and am rather surprised to find that this combo you've found is literally the only option possible to get this many companions.

There are 10 options available for anybody happy to settle for 9 companions companions not included in the OP's combo in bold :. Well done.

Ah, sweet! I had hoped for someone to do this, and you read my mind!

Get vortex

If you don't mind, I'll add it in the main post description with credits. Could you run a quick script that gives the total level sum of all companions' levels and total weapon proficiency for each of these parties? I believe companions with the highest weapon proficiency to level ratio i.

You get Artimenner, Jeremus, and Ymira for intelligence skills, and you still get my boy Alayen to be your super warrior. But if you have companions that dislike other companions, how is it a safe combination?

I assumed "safe" meant "stable over time", not "no rivalry between companions". If that's not the case, then I apologize if I was unintentionally misleading. As long as there is someone they like, a companion can tolerate someone they dislike: it evens out. There will be no decreasing of morale over time because of relationships.

When asked about the way things go in the company, they will say they are "content" with your choice of companions. This is the way I've picked my companions for dozens of playthroughs now, making sure they all have both a friend and an enemy, and I haven't faced any issues.

They can perfectly tolerate having their friend leave for a few days for gathering information about a Kingdom without needing to send them away at the same time, as morale decrease due to negative relationship is pretty slow. Of course, if there is a succession of unfortunate events that lower the party's morale, such as a succession of defeats, morale will be slower to come back up that if there was no rivalries between companions.

You might also want to make sure not to repeatedly do things that your companions dislikes, such as looting villages for Jeremus or attacking caravans as Marnid. But then again, I have played many different playthroughs, always with "compensated" rivalries, and I very rarely had companions want to leave. How many pieces of loot take each companion in Native, by the way?

Earlier, i also had 8 companions. Persuasion skill helped to hold them in my group. No idea.

More looting info. If you have all three of them in your party likes and dislikes for Alayen will be even themselves. But if there is 2 dislikes for 1 liked compinion Alayen will be unhappy about your companion choices. Yes, that's the point of this combination, by evening out 1 dislike with 1 like, I can increase the max of companions from 8 to 10 without them suffering from morale decrease.

Note that until today, I didn't realize I could go past 8 companions, even with balanced relationships, and I had assumed that was the maximum of companions for a "stable" party. I discovered the stable 10 companions combo only today, on a random Warband website, and I figured others might not know this one.

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So is companion performance at all affected by morale? Because if it is, 8 companions with maxed out morale might be better than 9 or 10 with low morale. No, it doesn't influence their fighting abilities.

Only issue with low morale is them wanting to leave, and that won't happen here, since the aforementionned 9 and 10 combos are stable: no morale loss over time. Their morale will coincide with the overall party morale: win battles and feed them a healthy diet and they'll be at 99 morale. Hate to say it, but I think a 9 man squad without Katrin is better than the 10 with her.

Character background

Found the internet! TIL there is a safe companions combination. Posted by 3 years ago.

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Floris companions guide

No Jeremus, no deal. Agreed, but this 9 combo is pretty interesting: Alayen, Artimenner, Baheshtur, Borcha, FirentisJeremusLezalitRolf, Ymira You get Artimenner, Jeremus, and Ymira for intelligence skills, and you still get my boy Alayen to be your super warrior. Companions take 3 shares each. Alayen likes Ymira Alayen dislikes Nizar If you have all three of them in your party likes and dislikes for Alayen will be even themselves.

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