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Muscle mom tumblr, I'd like pick mom who loves tumblr

I lost power in a thunderstorm earlier tonight, so I worked on my Halloween costume by lantern light with a hand needle and I feel like Bernadette Banner would be proud of me. I've never made any kind of fried potato before and I think I made them too thick and didn't squeeze out enough moisture, but these puppies are gooooood.

Muscle Mom Tumblr

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Dad always wanted a successful son. He wanted me to push myself further every time I achieved a new goal. Dad knew what he was doing. Always pushing me deeper into a state where my body was my top priority. Once mom left, and it was just him and myself, all my free time became enhancing our relationship. It was time for me to put all my energy in my body.

Years: 43
Ethnicity: I'm irish
I like: Male
Gender: I am fem
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Figure type: I'm quite overweight
I like to listen: My favourite music heavy metal
Body tattoos: None

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Leona in alternate Solari clothing! I am so happy! I had a burst of kingdom hearts feelings and threw together a quick redraw read: I wanted to draw Aqua real quick real bad.

Hot muscular waifus

Finally able to pick up my yoga teacher training certificate and that felt really good. I copied and provided it to work, my hope of offering a class is not in the cards right now, or in the immediate probably even long term future. Me and my trusty air fryer for the win, with spaghetti squash and some other roasted veggies, coupled with some frozen pre-made turkey meatballs and viola, not too shabby.

I actually forgot to take pictures of my food this week Super bummer. So I wanted to put out there, someone is always going to look better than you, someone is always going to look at you and want to be where you are, and I hope we can all get to a place of acceptance and self love for where WE are and not compare so much to where others are on their journeys.

Have I lost weight in the past 3 months? My booty and arm definition have really come out though, and this is about strength and wellness, not a scale or pants size.

Be here with me babes, because we are all incredible. I love everyone who loves Alistair but those of you who draw him with elf ears have lost your brain cells in the war.

There are my People rite this overgrown teenager who eats hash and pastries and spends all day 1 walking and 2 lifting a sword definitely has washboard abs No!!