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Naruto gets cheated on by ino fanfiction, I ino like fanfiction get who Naruto cheats

This one starts great, but the ending absolutely pisses me off. Maybe you will like it more?

Naruto Gets Cheated On By Ino Fanfiction

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So here it is. I'm really lazy, so don't expect much. I know the time line is a little wonky, but who really cares? The characters are supposed to be in their early-mid twenties and they've had kids already. It was the monthly reunion amongst the women of Konoha who had grown up together and a few others who had ed their village through the act of marriage, and they had chosen a random bar in particular to spend the night. At table ten, there sat six beauties of Konoha, five of whom were already married for the past few years, which consisted of Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, Akimichi Karui, Nara Temari and the still single, Tenten.

Undoubtedly, they had all bloomed in their teenage years, blossoming into beautiful women who aged as fine as wine as evidenced from their still-attractive looks and forms. However, as it was now, they looked to be a little bit red in the face and the empty bottles that had begun to stack up on the table showed that they were nearly done with their night, having spent the last few hours chatting and drinking mindlessly.

She also helpfully chosen not to remember the times those youngsters had managed to charm her into a night of feral passion with them, assisting her with forgetting her marital troubles by sticking their throbbing hormonal selves into her, with a few glasses of alcohol to boot.

Before he cheats

Not even thoughts of her child could stop her from getting a good fuck on. Even sweet, gentle Hinata made a sour face to show how uncomfortable she was. God no! Must have been the beer working away at her brain, numbing her mind. He went kind of berserk for a bit with his drunken boxing, breaking and destroying anything that he deemed worth of tasting his fists and feet.

Had to chase him to the top of the Hokage Monument and he only settled down once I hugged him to calm him down. And somehow, through the drunken haze that plagued me that night, I managed to remember that he still wore his leg weights and could open the Eight Gates to give him a boost in power. That had been a little regretful at the time.

She recalled just how powerful and fast Lee had been while fighting Gaara back when they were mere Genin vying for the spot of Chunin during the examinations. Both of which were twitching like crazy. She had no idea that such events had even transpired.

With the amount of cum Lee pumped into me, I thought I was pregnant for those three months too. Thank God Almighty that Lee had not managed to knock her up. With how deep he was pounding into her and the amount of cum he had unloaded into her, it honestly was a miracle she had not gotten pregnant. Limped for three months straight after that incident.

Looking for ino yamanaka x naruto

I had to crawl, so you could imagine that. I wish. That Udon brat found me barely a minute later and, as you can guess, he sprung a little hardie. I need some help getting back home, and without the use of my legs I was pretty desperate. So we had to make an exchange. Karui snickered as she ed in guessing, taking a swig of her drink before. Teenage boys love that shit. He came in like a minute flat. But his help was appreciated though. I managed to get home safe and sound without anyone else noticing.

She often got a little too on edge and the deeper parts of her tended to spill out. Which was why she had to have good company with her, who would steer her away from her bad thoughts. Please, you deserve to have a few good nights. Sakura rolled her eyes at her friend, but her cheeks did flush up at the idea of spending a night with someone else.

Someone who could be there for her, and give her the physical comfort she so desperately needed. How is Naruto in bed? Taking a deep breath, Hinata exclaimed loud enough for the girls to hear, as well as the patrons in the stall next to theirs. Much like the rest of the married women that currently occupied the table, their jaws dropped visibly at the mention of that incredible stamina. Or at least Boruto did.

He must have been listening in on us through the wall. At his best, two hours. Maybe three tops.

Naruto gets cheated on fanfiction

During a mission where we had to share a room, we changed clothes and he wanted to show off to me. So he started to enlargen it. So I saw it, sucked it, then fucked it. Then when he wants to go, he lasts half an hour only! Tenten snickered at hearing that one of the smartest people in all of the world had such methods of getting his wife off. Unsuccessfully too.

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I get to fuck and chuck strangers left and right. Their cheating cancels out our cheating, right? The meek ex-heiress of the Hyuuga Clan was busy staring at the drink she held in her hands. Her head was blank now that the spotlight had been shined onto her.

It was a terrible feeling, guilt twisting and stabbing at her heart at the thought of cheating on Naruto. But there was a deep seeded feeling that accompanied that guilt. Sort of a like thrill, or an adrenaline high, that made her feel giddy.

As those feelings raced about in her, she felt her body get more and more aroused. Her nipples began to stiffen as the naughty thoughts of sleeping with others permeating in her mind. Gulping audibly, the woman quickly tilted her head back and dumped her burning drink down her slim neck, sighing aloud once she had swallowed it all.

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Is there a naruto fic where he gets cheated on and leaves the village?

Suddenly, the subject of sex was drunkenly brought up. Which led us to where we currently were. Honestly, the idea of Gai even laying with anyone just… kinda grossed them all out. What about you girls? A dash of red peppered her ivory skin and Hinata admitted shyly to the rest of the girls. Hope you enjoyed or whatever. Review if you're pleased. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story.

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