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Naruto x karui fanfiction, Fanfiction girl karui up guy especially Naruto nsa

Hello my beautiful butterflies. Also because Karui, Choza and the Akimichis deserves some screen time and acknowledgment.

Naruto X Karui Fanfiction

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Naruto, the blonde nine tailed Jinchuriki of Konoha nodded. Are you going to tell me! Karui pressed her forearm against Naruto's throat, cutting the air off to his lungs. Say something! I understand you wanting revenge! But if you let hatred have control and you go on to kill Sasuke, my friends might not let that go and go after you!

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She woke up to a blinding headache, accompanied by the choking spray of dust and ash in her lungs. Instinctively, she coughed and blinked trying to clear her head and eyes enough to take in her surroundings.

Naruto x karui fanfiction

The ANBU was crouched before her. He was covered in ash and had deep gashes over his bare shoulders and down into his torn black armbands. He pulled off his white animal mask. A sharp pain stabbed her right leg, she winced audibly sucking in a painful breath. She remembered what he had looked like when they found him a week ago in the forest outside of the Rain village, it had been awful.

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Sai offered his default mechanical smile. A frustrated sigh escaped her. All around was destruction and rubble, but worst of all was the undeniable fact that they were completely buried. Two large beams had crossed above them preventing the remainder of the building's wreckage from crushing them on this lowest level, but the security of that barrier seemed tenuous. They were in a small pocket of dubious safety with no way out. Across the way, under more debris, she could see the body of the thief.

Sai stumbled over to him and reached down to check his pulse, his face was expressionless as he turned away from the dead body.

Sai looked over at her. Sai saw the exhausted look on her face.

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In addition to being shell-shocked, he could tell that she was deeply troubled by something else. But, first things first. He mentally ran through the disaster protocol in his head: secure the area, give emergency first aid, and then send a message for help. Karui gritted her teeth against the pain and looked at Sai tiredly.

They looked around the cramped space and then looked back at each other, willing the other to state the obvious.

Sai broke first. She looked around at several dented but unbroken containers scattered about and reached down to check the labels, motioning Sai to her on the ground. Okay, this was going to hurt. He squatted next to her as she carefully removed several jagged wooden shards from the wounds in his shoulder.

Sai looked at her questioningly. She opened the bleach and poured it into the deep gashes on his arm. He didn't even flinch. Now it was her turn to show off her kunoichi bravery. Sai stretched her leg out gently to examine it. It was definitely badly broken. The leg was going to have to be snapped back into place before he set it.

She understood the situation and looked at him miserably, "Please, just get it over with She gasped, shocked by the pain, but made no sound other than the sharp intake of her breath. He cut a piece of chakra scroll and tied the stiff piece around her leg with the strips of cloth from his arm bands. Sai nodded. A moment later a pair of animated ink beetles emerged from his scroll and scurried up and around the rubble.

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While he was finishing with the scroll, Karui pulled her white bandana off of her head, shook the dust from it, and tied the folded cloth around his still bleeding shoulder. Karui nodded and buried her face in her hands. Well, comforting words were his weakest area but Sai did his best to sound reassuring There was no answer at first but a few seconds later she surprised him by bursting into tears.

In all the time he had known her, he had never seen this sort of reaction from her. But he was just as startled by what she said as by her uncharacteristic tears. We are supposed to be meeting next week to discuss the timeline for the babies to be born.

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Anger and sadness are my most familiar emotions. The rest are still hard for me. But Ino says crying is actually cleansing. He sat down beside her.

There was no telling how long it would take for them to be rescued. Talking seemed like a reasonable way to pass the time.

Karui was still crying quietly, tears streaming down her face, and he really preferred for her to stop so he could understand her better. Talking might help. Like he didn't even need my opinion. Sai was starting to understand. Sai looked uncomfortable.

Karui stories

We were both ready, though. I want to be married to her. She completes me.

She renews me. Karui didn't know how to respond to that kind of heartfelt comment. People in Konoha were so emotive. Sai thought about that. Why didn't it bother him? At last he said, "I suppose it's all just rules and I am used to rules. My life has been defined by them. Getting married is actually freedom for me, a sort of rebellion. Karui sighed. As a kunoichi in Kumo, I had to find my own way, my own strength.

I never had a family- just my ninja team. Bee was the closest I had to a family. When he was taken away, I fell apart," her voice dropped to almost a whisper, "I was so angry. She had come for a fight, but he wouldn't fight back, he just lay there while she covered her hands in his blood. Until Sai stepped in and put a stop to it. After that, I never wanted to have that kind of dependence on someone else again.

It made me feel…vulnerable. She had stopped crying. Sai was relieved. With a broken piece of wood, he silently drew abstract patterns on the ground in the layer karui gray ash. Finally, he said, "When I was I was trained to kill, I would kill, learn from it, and be sent out to kill again. I only had one fanfiction, my brother. And then, after all of our time growing up together, I was ordered to kill him too. Danzo wanted to destroy my emotions, he turned me into a mindless killing Naruto.

He referred to us by s or by names that changed with each mission. When I was finally free of him, learning to adjust to 'normal' society was like stumbling around in the dark. But, eventually I learned to trust relationships. I think real love is true freedom.