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Nathan for you soundproof, I'd soundproof you up Nathan that for hentai

His Comedy Central show, Nathan For Youran for four engrossing and downright hilarious seasons, gained a devoted cult following online, and staged a handful of viral videos. A hotel struggling to attract families on vacation? Easy, introduce a soundproof box where children can retreat while their parents have sex.

Nathan For You Soundproof

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Real businesses. Real customers. Real bad advice.

Years old: I am 25
What is my ethnicity: Norwegian
Hair color: Golden
I can speak: English, Arabic
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Cancer
What I prefer to listen: Rock
Other hobbies: Swimming

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In all three of the segments this week, the business owners or the people Nathan is trying to get interested in his ideas never quite go for it fully. The opening segment takes Nathan to the Hilltop Hotel, which wants to attract more families. But when two porn stars come in and test it near a real child, followed by an entire orgy just to make sure, it becomes the level of determination that makes the bit rather than the usual insane reactions that should come from an idea this nuts.

Nathan is an even bigger failure when he tries to help a travel agent, whose customers have dwindled to the oldest of the old. First Nathan and Rose visit a funeral home to learn the tricks of the trade and soon discover more people are choosing cremation. After searching for cremation furnace prices, Nathan decides to instead try out a pizza oven to see if it could also do the same job.

So Nathan tries his best to make a human pizza—filled with anatomically correct meats and a gigantic dough penis—and dresses it in his clothes to see if it could do the job.

Yet when no one takes Rose up on her new business, the pizza oven-turned-cremation idea is sort of all for nothing. By doing this, he basically does save the segment, once again taking a bad idea and turning it into something worthwhile.

If a guy on a bike offered to drive you away from your car while his girlfriend drove the car for you, would you take them up on it? No sane person would and Nathan knows that.

In the end, Nathan blames the failure of his motorcycle business on people not being able to trust others in this post-Pearl Harbor world. He says people are too afraid of the unknown to let someone on the inside.

Nathan is able to create the reaction he wants by building the insanity to a point that he knows will be borderline brilliant. Ross Bonaime is a D. You can follow him on Twitter.

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