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National grab booty day, I seek day that booty grab

Students at a Montgomery County school reported they were touched inappropriately last Thursday by other students marking "National Grab Ass Day. A of incidents of inappropriate touching were reported Thursday to school staff, prompting administrators to increase supervision in the afternoon during hallway passing time between classes and at dismissal. In an announcement before first period on Friday morning, principal Daniel File told the school that he was disappointed that some students would engage in such behavior and warned there would be "serious consequences" for anybody who inappropriately touched another student.

National Grab Booty Day

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This girl deadass let her guy friends play grab ass and let one kiss her while she was in a relationship.

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By Barclay August 5, pm ET. What the shit is up with all these National [insert vapid, immaterial subject matter here] Days? Honestly, it seems as if every day, or every other day at least, some media outlet is blasting our faces and phones off with a new national Day. I present to you the some of the best or worst unofficial National Days with a couple of suggestions from a ski bum.

Perhaps this could be a combination day where pole whacking merges with fireball for a single, legendary day.

A week before Christmas, the ski village is still lightly desolate as it prepares to for the onslaught of the Christmas season out-of-town turds. Well, to celebrate the impending doom for the lift lines, hit the slopes, slug some fireball whilst whacking that pole and flip the bird to every plane that may or may not be carrying those aforementioned turds.

So wherever you find yourself on September 25, plug in some headphones, turn those speakers up and cherish these immortal wonders.

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On January 24,the first ever, canned beers were sold to the boozehounds of yesteryear. While the list of National Days goes on and on and on a cute little calendar can be found at nationaldaycalendar. So on December 30 thbless your home resort with a handful of visible man ass.

This is one actually already exists, but it greatly needs to be enforced. You lose an hour of sleep Saturday night, wake up Sunday feeling slight perturbed about being shorted a whole hour of sleep and meander into work Monday morning like a hostile amorphous blob.

Now imagine how great that day would become if you knew that around 2 PM, a nationwide nap requirement would take place. GNARinternational day of G. Watch as this blind skier conquers Dallas Freeway at Aspen Snowmass at a blistering pace.

The video is filmed by the skiers adaptive guide. I saw a comment on one of our recent Facebook posts that suggested the US Government should permanently close Yellowstone National Park ….

Absolutely hectic moment caught on camera a few days ago when big wave surfer Justine Dupont and Tahitian bodyboarder Kirahu Thibaud nearly …. We were waiting on at the base camp …. Newly named Palisades Tahoe is celebrating as, what appears to be, fairly decent amounts of snowfall are accumulating across the resort.

I was sitting here minding my own business when a random memory popped up in my head. My conscious thoughts went something like this, …. High quality ski safety animation from the good folks at the Swedish Ski Area Association. Perhaps save this on a playlist and next time ….

The junior high school's principal sent a letter to families, calling the situation "disrespectful."

Sam Kuch. See 4. More Unofficial.

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