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Native american pubic hair, Native american seek friend for pubic

Young men did have fashion f in my generation even if we thought underwear stayed under street clothes. There was the Elvis pompadour and sideburns, then a Beatle cut like a bowl on your noggin, and then my personal favorite: a full-on natural non-haircut that briefly made traditional Indian hair fashionable. Being Cherokee, I had a decision to make about shaving the front and I decided life was too short for all the explaining.

Native American Pubic Hair

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I cleaned up the style section so that the bullets were actual styles and not removal methods. Actually, pubic hair IS a secondary sexual characteristic.

It's just not listed in the SSC article. Did someone seriously purpoted to write a statistic? Let's be serious.

Ericd 16 Jul UTC. Can the contributor of the table cite their sources, please? Here is the truth about the source of the statistics at least for a part : I wrote : "Trimming or completely removing pubic hair is a common practice in the Arab world. Then that was turned into a table I don't know what's the source for other regions. But for the Arab world it's not a serious work because :. I also think that "European women" doesn't mean anything.

It's generally admited that there's serious differences about armpits and legs shaving in European countries. They must also be serious difference about pussy shaving. I'm from India. I'm male.

The carpet doesn’t always match the drapes — and 19 other pubic hair truths

I don't think, most of the women in India do shave pubic hairs. I really doubt the validity of the table. May I know where did you get this table? Just unremoved the Eric's table as it is useful to know the cultural differences.

Please document the source for this suspicious table. This sounds like original research to me. We should probably can it. At the site SexEditorials. One of the poll items was entitled Men's experience on shaving pubic hair.

The are below, expressed as a percentage of the responses for the question, with n in brackets:. The source of the poll data is the site itself the site motto is "We depend on you for the content of this site".

Therefore the sample is representative of the visitors to the site, a large proportion of which is likely made up of those seeking such statistics. I would say that the sample is at least roughly representative of those of us discussing this topic here.

The site appears to contain a fairly large amount of information and seems relatively serious in tone, but I cannot vouch for its overall credibility. There is an accompanying female This is about Indian practices. I was collecting some info on this subject. The data is much informal and non-scientific. But, the current table shows Indian subcontinent --which includes Pakistan, etc.

Myths about pubic hair you don't have to believe

So, the s may slightly differ. I think the listed advantages and disadvantages are almost entirely POV despite being expressed in the 3rd person. Take Some sexual activities can appear sloppy at best for that matter, aren't most sexual activities between interested parties sloppy by definition?

I think this list should be removed or rewritten, but I have to admit I'd rather just point out how bad it is then actually rewrite it myself. The table is a complete joke and should be removed. It is unscientific, incomplete, based on a few user's perceptions, and just plain pathetic. Out of mercy, I have just sliced this entire section.

It is embarrassing in terms of quality. Badly written, no attribution, and it admits to be speculation by a few. Holding back laughter and tears To User:Rrjanbiah : I am not the anonymous user who deleted the section below. Any admin can tell you that.

How did i miss that? cherokee tradition; free your pits!

Pubic hair shaving practice is not common around the world. In few countries it is common and in few countries it is weird. For few Muslim countries it is a cultural norm and in few other countries it is personal than cultural. For razor vendors, it is must to know cultures and practices. If you know solid statistics, please feel free to edit this or post your comments at the talk.

I added this stuff at request of user:Rrjanbiah. Much of it is already in puberty article, with a bit more detail. I leave the discussion of cultural aspects of pubic hair to the rest of you.

If you think I added more than people want to know, or if you want to keep this article mainly cultural, feel free to delete or modify. Alteripse20 Jul UTC. The reason I used the term "adult hair" instead of just hair is that all children have light, fine, short american in the area.

We hair don't refer to this as pubic hair even if it is in the pubic region because it is not androgenic. You can argue that we should, but we usually don't. From my standpoint pubic hair is the hair that is longer, coarser, curlier and most importantly, from rising androgen levels. If you really want me to spell it out, I actually charge people hundreds of dollars for my opinion on whether 's hair is truly pubic hair or not: in general, "if it ain't a cm long and curly, it ain't pubic hair. Should we say "longer, coarser, curlier hair"?

I have to say, I feel pretty stupid arguing about pubic hair, but hey, here we are. What do you think would be the best way to say it? Alteripse22 Jul UTC. I would like it if there was also a representation of mens' pubic hair. So much of the article focuses on women. Can anyone get us a picture of a pubic attractive man? I believe that it is one of several published in Penthouse magazine in the late 's.

I am not a copyright fanatic, however? I've reorganized this article because it seems that there were several headings that were fundamentally about the same thing. I feel the organization has been greatly improved, and I've only removed the things I felt were out of place. I submit them for your scrutiny, and I hope you agree with my reasoning. I believe these are references to the female genitalia, not pubic hair. I've never heard any men refer to their pubic native by those names. It is a common practice in the Islamic world for either sex men usually prefer trimming or shavingwomen prefer complete removal by waxing or shaving.

In the sa permanent method of hair removal evolved with many opting for more permanent removal of pubic hair. This method involves the use of focused, high power light. This type of depilation falls under two main : intense pulsed light IPL and laser epilation. IPL uses broad spectrum white light, and laser epilation uses a very specific wavelength color of light to destroy the hair-producing gland, the follicle.

Unlike some temporary methods, light epilation does not cause razor bumpsingrown hairs or dermatitis.

It is still controversial as to which method, IPL or laser, is the most effective. Not that the paragraph isn't informative, but it has little to do with pubic hair, specifically. It should instead be included in an article about hair removal, as its domain is more than just pubic hair. Before shaving became common in Western cultures particularly North Americanthe presence of such hair was viewed as a of sexual maturity. Now, to the american, the social requirement to shave such hair has now become for many a rite of passage.

Sorry, I native didn't like this sentence. Stating that shaving one's pubic hair is a "social requirement" and a "rite of passage" seems too POV. In mine and many other's opinions, pubic hair is still a of sexual maturity. Therefore, it is not an accuracy description of the West. The fact is that shaving pubic hair is a lifestyle choice, and is not by any means a "social requirement" like the sentence suggests.

Perhaps the author could edit the sentence hair resubmit it. Is there some citation that anyone can give pubic evidences that the shaving of pubic hair became popular in the s, as opposed to, for example, the s? If not, I'm going to revert it again soon.