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Naughty guys with glasses, I'm glasses boy who with guys

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Naughty Guys With Glasses

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How old am I: 34
Tone of my eyes: Large gray-green
Gender: Female
Color of my hair: White
I prefer to listen: Classical
Other hobbies: Learning foreign languages

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A long time ago, I wasn't cool, stylish or attractive. I was a nerdy, skinny middle-schooler who played in the band, loved the math team and had no idea how to look great in glasses. I'll level with you. My specs were HUGE and ugly.

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Thankfully, I can afford better ones now because let's face it — no one looks good in cheap oversized spectacles. The answer is a resounding yes and in this article I'm going to tell you how to look great in glasses. It's safe to say nowadays, men are well-aware that glasses can improve or transform your appearance. In fact, glasses make you look smarter.

Don't believe me? Helmut compared people who didn't wear glasses against people who wore rimless and full-rimmed glasses. People with full-framed glasses were considered more distinctive and were given more eye contact by study participants. These guys were also perceived as being more intelligent and more successful.

In other words, wear glasses and people may believe you're more likely to succeed than others — or you're more successful than you actually are. Does that put pressure on you?


But hey, wouldn't you rather deal with those kinds of expectations than the negative kinds? This article is sponsored by CliC Readers men's reading glasses. All CliC Eyewear is deed to adjust at the temples for a perfect fit.

No more losing, misplacing or breaking your traditional readers! CliC Readers carries several product lines including Readers, Blue Blocking Readers and soon Progressives, in a wide variety of styles, colors, diopter strengths and sizes. Plus, all CliC readers are deed with high-quality materials and therefore built to last a long time. Why waste time and effort buying glasses in a brick-and-mortar store?

It's much better to get them online these days — for the same reasons we love using eBay, Amazon and more. Here are the main incentives for purchasing glasses online:.

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I saw a lot when I served in the military. Cheap and functional… but unfashionable. Don't settle for those types. You deserve something much better. The glasses you wear every day should be an investment.

You deserve a pair that functions as a stylish accessory like a classic watch, a nice pocket square or even a bowtie. Find the right glasses and you will feel more confident whenever you wear them, wherever you go. The key ingredient to confidence-boosting glasses is finding a pair with a de that complements your face shape. In general, all human faces fall into any of these of men's face shapes and it's your job to figure out yours :.

Check out this detailed chart to choose the right frame for your face:. Let's say you were a millionaire. Would you honestly be okay with owning one car? Probably not.

You could easily afford extra cars in case one breaks down — and they would most likely be different models. You could have a sports car for yourself, a van to transport friends and family, and maybe a stretch limo to bring to those grand events. It's all about function and style. So similarly, it's good to have eyeglasses with you at any time.

You'll never know if you end up losing a pair or you accidentally break it.

Glasses style tip #2 buy your glasses online

You always want a backup, especially if you travel a lot like I do. Since most men are creatures of habit, it's normal for guys to stick to the same style of specs for 10 or 20 years. But times are always changing. And you should consider changing things up every now and then to let the world know you're still with it. So along with different pairs, you should explore the idea of having multiple frames — in terms of frame material or color.

Experiment with various looks and step outside your comfort zone. Make sure you have a sturdy protective case for your eyeglasses. Trust me — you won't enjoy the burdens of wearing squashed or scratched glasses.

Dirty or imperfect-looking lenses can be an eyesore but they can also imply you're a guy who doesn't take care of himself — not very attractive. Also remember to use a soft microfiber cloth — specifically for rubbing against your glasses. Don't rely on your shirt or tissue paper. Cleaning your frames and lenses is a delicate task. You need careful hands and the right material to do it properly. Always use both hands to remove your glasses from the case this helps maintain their original shape.

Finally, never store your glasses facing downward to avoid any scratches or cracks. Ready to earn more money and command respect with the right clothing?

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Want to start dressing sharp today? our free Newsletter and get style advice and new content updates sent straight to your inbox! Here's what we're going to cover: Own the look Buy your glasses online Find the right frame for your face Own multiple frames Protect your glasses How To Look Great In Glasses 1 Own The Look It's safe to say nowadays, men are well-aware that glasses can improve or transform your appearance.

Check out the full study here: In other words, wear glasses and people may believe you're more likely to succeed than others — or you're more successful than you actually are. So, where to buy those rimmed glasses?