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Neptune x noire fanfic, Erotica noire looking fanfic male to nsa

These are recommendations made by Tropers for fanfics for the ''Hyperdimension Neptunia'' seriesall of which have to be ed to stay on the .

Neptune X Noire Fanfic

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Nepgear sat on Neptune's chair, stamping the approved documents and placing them in the finished bin. The CPU candidate was put in charge of paperwork until her sister came back. She was almost done when she heard a knock on the door to Neptune's office. Nepgear and Uni looked at each other with confusion. Histoire hovered above the coffee table and asked Uni and Negar to sit down in one of the couches. The two candidates sat down next to each other and gave the oracle their attention.

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Vert provided his official data, everyone communicates their armies to be alert towards anybody compatible with that information. It's been 5 days since the event occurred, so he probably left Lastation. In addition, they contacted some of their close friends about the operation. Noire and Uni provide us a communication device which is an earphone and a microphone placed on one ear and below lips respectively.

We'll keep contact whenever we want.

This is my new prototype. Alex, come in. Noire closes it, stretches her arms and electric energy is concentrated in her hands, then she discharges it all on the armor, turning it on and filling its battery. I can move it just as I move arms and legs with no trouble.

Noire spends about 10 minutes giving me a few instructions and says that this mission will be great to test this prototype. Noire: - Sure. Vert transforms, but the transformation pillar of light reappears larger and brighter nearly instantly.

Also, her eyes and hair are visibly darker. We'll go back to Leanbox very quickly. As soon as I do, she grabs me from behind and flies towards the sky. I can also feel her divine aura making me bear it better. My capital is miles away from Lastation. We'll make it in time. Before the armor ran out of battery, Next Green slows down and starts lowering our height, and I can almost see the entire continent. It's a scary and beautiful vision, but I trust my Goddess and I will be safe.

We land on the military base and I exit the armor all dizzy. When I get in the armor again and start searching, I go inside buildings and it scans every person within besides figuring any possible hidden path.

A purple heart x black heart fanfiction

I see a fair of Knights through the city during this mission. It seems to have a fake wall that hides underground stairs. I quietly trigger it; the armor becomes smaller and changes its looks.

I call reinforcements to take them under arrest and I see that the stairs took me to dozens of exclusively military weapons and equipment down there. I d the mission spending the day, noon and night looking for the neptune, I found 4 places with confirmed suspicions, but nothing about him. I ended up killing somebody, due to his attempt of holding a hostage after unmasked.

Upon noticing that we scanned the entire city, we headed to its non-urban surroundings with any human traces. It was already late night, I was tired when we received a message fanfic Neptune and a voice I do not know.

Neptune: - Guys, Guys! Next Green quickly comes to me while communicates that all knights are dismissed from the current task. She casts a spell that removes my tiredness and another that increases my resistance.

The capital is another beautiful city. As it is night, all structures are noire Neptune orders her army to block all ports and airports, and forbids any aircraft to fly over, enter or leave the city. All Goddesses and I reached the area where the target was detected, but Broccoli lost its track. We finally found him, but he initiated contact through network and he is not alone. Bald: - Listen!

Noire stories

My friends and I have 9 hostages here and enough bombs to explode this city block attached to each of them. Purple Heart: - They hacked the security system of that building and one of them is watching the cameras. They're far away from each other not to be caught at once.

An electromagnetic pulse may detonate the bombs; thus we have to wait for our chance with caution. They open an emergency tunnel and go down with the hostages. Some of us kept watching from afar to avoid detection. Purple Heart: - Yes, but we must be quick not to lose them when they reach the bifurcations. The 8, start casting a spell that affects everyone with their clothes and itens for the mission, except my armor.

We became incorporeal as if we were ghosts. Black Heart asks me to leave the armor to hide it from civilians. We split up and go down underground to find them. Black Sister spots the terrorists in strategic formation, using various detectors, moving almost like running and ready to detonate the bombs. Bald: - Yes. I hated to have taken the job of getting close to her.

At least he must have died virgin without even seeing that pair of shitty bags. Heretic: - Fuck, did you sacrifice 90 of us because of a single man?

The 4 of us synchronized our attack timing and became corporeal again, stealing the controls from all of them before they could react. He tries to attack Tekken, but his mandible is almost broken by a kick. We warned the party about our success, we removed all equipment the 4 carried along with the bombs on their hostages. Next Green: - Hey, take your hands off him.

Tekken goes away from me Time to end this. Neptune, can you grab Alex and follow me? Next Green grabs the traitor very indelicately while Purple Heart carries me behind them. We flew to an isolated spot outside the city, both go back to normal, Neptune warns her armed forces to cease her last orders and the ex-lieutenant is breathing as if he almost died by asphyxiation. Minutes later, he is able to talk again, but not to get up. Bald: - Do you think I'll ever tell you anything, you idiot?

For the cause, activate sacrifice mode.

He starts writhing strongly with both hands on his head. Neptune quickly sticks her 10 fingers on his skull, which stops moving. She gets on top of him while his body faces down.

Receba notificação quando hyperdimension neptunia: the color of my future is green for atualizada

Vert raises her arms, her eyes become completely blue, a blue energy goes from her to the bald and she says something weird. Vert: - Yht dnim llahs ton eil. Now you are forced to answer the truth to every single question I make.

He gave us dozens of infiltrated heretics in all armies, mostly from Leanbox, because he lived there, including his mother. Before we finished, I wanted to know why did his mother tried to kill me. The answer was He and his mother were always heretics, he wanted to get closer to Vert to manipulate her, but failed. When the interrogatory finally ended, Neptune was drooling on his head out of boredom.

Neptune takes her fingers off his head and he dies.

They transform, we buried him and warned the others about the desert. They decided to end this now.

Green Heart grabs me again and we head to that base and headed there. We have its location and we were immediately attacked with heavy weaponry as soon as we passed through a sandstorm. We advanced destroying everything and invaded the base underground. In there, there were many paintings on walls which the Goddesses ignored while they killed heretics, the content of many were the Goddesses themselves in sickening situations. I get filled with so much hatred that I start burning them all.