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Olivia Colman fully nude as she rides a tandem bicycle with a naked guy down a pathway through a forest. Hi-res DVD capture from Confetti. Olivia Colman sitting fully nude on a bench with her legs crossed as she and a guy interview at a nudist colony as some other nude people play around a pool in the background and then being briefly seen sitting at a table with some other naked people as well.

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Feedback New user. Advanced search. Olivia Colman nude. Birth place: Norfolk, England, UK.

What is my age: I'm 39 years old
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Having decided she wanted to be an actress at the age of 16, Olivia was put off many times, training first as a secretary and then as a teacher. As she took to the stage to claim her second Bafta award of the nightOlivia Colman could scarely believe her luck. Swearing and apologising in equal measure, the actress beamed with delight at the recognition she had finally received before celebrating in style, drinking until after 3am with her husband and close friends.

Having decided she wanted to be an actress at the age of 16, Olivia was put off many times, topless first as a secretary and then as a teacher, before finally making it onto an acting course. Much of her early work consisted of adverts, including one for Danone Actimel yoghurt, another for The National Lottery and a voiceover for Andrex. As a struggling actress she took on bit olivias colman well as adverts to earn a living but it was rarely easy and, inshe agreed to do the low-budget Brit flick Confetti in which Colman and Robert Webb played a naturist couple who were getting married in the nude.

They even started legal proceedings against the film-makers but abandoned them after deciding it was better to just pretend it had never happened. It was a particular low-point for the actress but things were to get even worse before they got better.

Olivia colman

After Olivia, now 39gave birth to her first son, Hal, she suffered post-natal depression but explained recently. She has had her moments of worry and despondency, emotions which seem scarcely conceivable considering her current success.

But just four years ago — in — the work had dried up to such an extent she was starting to look for a new career. I started to look up midwifery courses. Born Sarah Caroline Olivia Colman, she changed her name after trying to register with Equity and discovering that a Sarah Colman already existed.

Brought up in Norfolk, her father was a chartered surveyor and her mother was a nurse. They sent her to an all-girls private school, where she first discovered the acting bug aged 16, playing Miss Jean Brodie.

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I just loved it. I suddenly felt really at ease, and at home. Of course, at that age you keep it to yourself. Despite this, before hitting 20 she was persuaded to enrol on a teacher training course in Cambridge.

Once involved she met Cambridge undergraduates David Mitchell and Robert Webb — the key to her early success. She knew instantly that they would get married.

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I had to work on him. Their relationship is so strong, that they recently agreed to leave this mortal coil together, after watching the film Amour. Later she enrolled too and found that she was quite good. Some might say there is a danger she will now be over-exposed.

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In she got just one break, in December. Called The 7. Next year, almost certainly, she will be making the follow-up to Broadchurch. I keep getting teary about the possibility of the boys waking up in the night and me not being there.

Despite all the success and recognition now being heaped upon her, Olivia is unlikely to ever stop putting her family first. The family live perfectly normal lives with weekends spent walking the dog around their Peckham home and watching DVDs.

And, like many people, she spends her spare time thinking about home improvements.

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In Your Area. Got A Story. Exclusive: Double Bafta winner Olivia Colman: "Being naked on screen was the worst, then not getting work". Nicola Methven. The accolades have been hard-earned.

Olivia colman nudes

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