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One punch man tornado and saitama, I One tornado saitama guy punch man and

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One Punch Man Tornado And Saitama

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While Genos and Drive Knight have both stepped into assist, Tatsumaki needs a major boost to get her head back in the battle in One-Punch Man Chapterwhich in her thinking back to her relationship to Blast -- the one ranked hero. From there, the manga launches into a flashback in which a young Tatsumaki is imprisoned at a research facility eighteen years prior. Soon, a synthetic beast breaks free and starts running amok in the facility. The researchers opt to abandon Tatsumaki -- the future two hero -- because she's not strong enough.

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I've been thinking about the difference in power between Saitama and Tatsumaki, presumably the strongest psychic in the series. By definition, Saitama is stronger than her - because he's stronger than everyone. But how exactly can they show this in the manga?

With Fubuki it was easy, since she had lackeys Saitama could easily overpower. But Tatsumaki doesn't have that problem.

How do you think they're going to handle that, when it inevitably goes down? Saitama not affected by her telekinesis.

Picks her up and uses serious spanking. Remake chapter 36 Batoto25, second panel. Right after Bang tells Tornado to stand down, after she turned Genos into "modern art" after his "brat" comment. We see that she already has Saitama up in the air. My guess is that he's directly "helpless" against that aspect of her psychokinesis, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can't beat her, or that she can beat him.

Saitama vs. tatsumaki

We've already seen in the original that her "head twist" finisher can be resisted by a by definition less powerful character than Saitama, and we know that tossing objects at him won't work, so short of tossing him into space, she can't kill him. And the blowback from his Serious Strike should be able to be used either to counter her movement of him or to attack her from distance while she's moving him.

All that of course assumes that she's able to catch him in the first place, which is probably not going to be the case unless he's caught unaware as he was in chapter He has the speed advantage all over her, and presumably she has to see him to grab him.

Saitama's calculated speed is like 12, Keeping in mind that Gaoro wasnt very much affected by psychic powers at one point, Saitama should be indiferent. She had a concussion at the time, which greatly diminished her power.


Well none of them are around anymore so it's hard to know how powerful tgey were, but I assume he was really strong as he was aboard Boros' ship. Him standing there as she waves her arms around trying to move him.

At this point I think she will start to grasp the depth of his strength. With saitama at the end asking her what she was trying to prove and her breaking down. He's too fucking stupid to be affected by her powers?

It's Saitama, the strongest and dumbest mother fucker in the series. Found the internet!

Tatsumaki stories

Saitama vs. Posted by.

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One punch man vs tornado of terror

You're looking down on me, aren't you? Tank Top Master Race. I thought the squid alien was stronger than her. All better now. So basically a pebble storm that annoys him.

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