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Onyxia human form, Wonderful Onyxia form human for hardcore

Lore Sundays: Onyxia. Hello precious murlocs who enjoy World of Warcraft Lore. I ensure you that you will have lots of fun reading it.

Onyxia Human Form

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Her name is an homage to her father's human form, Lord Daval Prestor.

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Nefarian human form

When Prestor first comes to Stormwind, she introduces herself as the daughter of Lord Daval Prestor, a ruler of Alteric Valley. This fact is almost completely true.

Lady Prestor's true form, is the black dragon Onyxia, the daughter of Deathwing. When Deathwing was meddling in human affairs, he took the alias of Daval Prestor.

As a Royal Councilwoman and right hand advisor to the King, Lady Katrana Prestor had her hand, or should we say claw, in many pots. After the death of King Varian's wife, her control over him grew greater.

However after he began to pick himself back up, she had to find someway to get rid of him, so she constructed his disappearance. She then pushed for the Kingdom to hastily make young Anduin a boy King and let her make all of the decisions.

Who's that npc: lady katrana prestor

However Prestor had other plans and using her charm always convinces Fordragon to side with her. She uses this pull to convince the boy King to not send reinforcements to human lands that are in desperate need like Duskwood and Redridge Mountains.

Her main goal, was to keep the humans and Alliance under her thumb and away from her brother Nefarian, as he built up the Dark Horde in Blackrock Mountain. She even went as far as splitting Varian into two versions of himself, one being a tough go getter, the other being frivolous and uncaring of his people BC and position.

She brought back this second Varian whom she still had compete control over.

It wasn't until the capture and freeing of Marshal Reginald Windsor from Lower Black Rock Spire, did we finally learn of her true identity. When he finally reached Stormwind, he unmasked her for who she truly was.

In return Prestor set fire to his body, killing him and causing such a commotion that she was able to run away to her lair unharmed.

In game Last Prestor is perceived as dead, but you can still find Onyxia in her lair just south of Theramore. However she is killable in her one boss raid, and if you are lucky unlike me and drops a pretty distinct Drake mount.

Lady onyxia prestor

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Always loved her in stormwind. Have slayed her many a time. She was so mysterious back in the day in her human form.

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Lore sundays: onyxia

Likes Comments 4. Like I love this lore :clap:. I have the mount but now im thinking i want the npc :wink: :joy:.

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