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Patrick licking sand, Dancer licking found men especially for patrick

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Patrick Licking Sand

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Krabs : Neptune preserve her! Squidward Tentacles : How long can she stay like that? SpongeBob SquarePants : I don't know! Patrick : Sandy's a girl? Patrick : This grain of sand looks very suspicious. And so does this rock.

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SpongeBob: licking on an ice cream cone Mmm! This is how to live, isn't it, my friend?

Patrick licks the sand for 10 minutes

Patrick: tanning You said it buddy. SpongeBob and Patrick scream as Larry's motorcycle lands by them then drives off, kicking sand in their faces. Larry does a flip, drives through a picnic, then pushes the brake and goes in circles on the motorcycle which kicks more sand on SpongeBob and Patrick.

Larry rides hit motorcycle over the sand pile of SpongeBob and Patrick then up a lifeguard stand, which catches fire and everyone cheers Girl Fish He's amazing!

Frank: I'll say. Larry dunks a basketball into a basketball goal and shatters it. As he if falling from the sky, he pushes a button and a glider pops out and makes him soar through the air. He goes over a sandcastle a couple of kids are making and sets fire to the flag at the top of the castle Kids: Whoa!

Everyone crowds around him and cheers Girl Fish Who is that guy? Girl Fish That's Larry the Lobster.

He's like living large! Fish 37a: What's your secret Larry? Larry: Well, you got to take risks. Larry's motorcycle rides into a boulder and shoots him onto a surfing board that a surfer is using out in the ocean. Larry lands upside-down All: Ooh! Larry then comes back to shore Larry: And you can't Just look at 'em.

Fish 37a: Larry, how can they redeem their worthless lives? Larry: I'll tell you how. By living each day as if it were their last. Patrick: How do we do that? Larry: By living like me-- Larry. Patrick: But what's that Larry closes his mouth Larry: Bup, bup, bup, bup. By livin' Larry: Livin' like Larry! Livin' like Larry. SpongeBob: What's that, Pat? Patrick: SpongeBob, these are the best years of our lives, and you want to waste them blowing bubbles?

We should be living in the moment. We should be living like Lar This is where we redeem are miserable lives.

It's time to start Hey, SpongeBob! That was awesome!

Patrick: To live, my friend! We are going to live. Three flamethrows torch the pile of boats then a giant iron fist punches the pile a few times SpongeBob: I don't know about this, Patrick. Patrick: You must defeat your reason before you can start This is it! Patrick is screaming through all of this. Do, do, dee-dee, do. Living like Larry. Patrick kicks through the door, still in the smashed-up boat.

Patrick licks the sand for 10 minutes

Then he breaks out of it Patrick: Come on SpongeBob, what are you waiting for? Let's go. Patrick: Just you wait. And wait 'til you see the best part!

This looks very dangerous. Patrick ties a skateboard to the back of SpongeBob, as well as himself Patrick: Here's to livin' like Larry!

Patrick star lick gif

SpongeBob: W-wait a minute Patrick. I think you're missing the point. Patrick: Uh SpongeBob: No, Patrick, I mean your life. I'm not going.

Patrick licks sand

And that's your final word on the subject? SpongeBob: Mm-hmm. Patrick: I feel sorry for you. Patrick: SpongeBob! SpongeBob looks out the front doors SpongeBob! Patrick is running away from motorcycle gang.

He runs into the Krusty Krab. The motorcycle gang stops in front of the doors on their motorcycles You were right SpongeBob. I went too far! I think you've learned your lesson. Patrick: Uh-huh. Biker: Don't make us come in there, kid! SpongeBob: Now, you just let me handle those guys out there. Biker 2: What the? SpongeBob: I know that you might be angry at my friend for his shenanigans, but you are not the only victim.

His reckless thrill chasing has made him a hollow shell of his former self. Just look. Can you not forgive him for whatever he did? Biker 3: Sure pal. SpongeBob leans on the motorcycles and causes a domino effect to knock them all down Biker 3: He knocked over our motorcycles.

Adrenalin pumping.

Spine tingling! Endorphins rushing. I've never felt so alive! Oh, yeah, baby! This is what Patrick was talking about!

Bill fagerbakke: patrick star

This is really living in the moment! Oh, yes! SpongeBob: Oh, come on Patrick, what happened to being in the moment? Patrick: I don't know SpongeBob.

This looks pretty dangerous. SpongeBob: slaps Patrick's back Yeah, yeah, you said it buddy! Now we're really livin' like Larry! Now there's two guys who know how to live! SpongeBob: Prepare for countdown. Larry: I'm proud of them.