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Jokes are a fun way to share language with kids learning Spanish, and Pepito jokes are probably the best known Spanish jokes for children. They are a part of the popular culture of Spanish-speaking countries, so Spanish learners should be aware of them. These jokes also can be good listening comprehension practice and also speaking practice if kids learn to tell them.

Pepito Jokes Dirty

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Pepito is a character that shows up, or is the subject, in many Mexican jokes. He is a little child who is always getting into trouble. You horrible son! The next day, Pepito is with his father. He is all beat up from his mother.

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Dirty pepito jokes in spanish

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dirty Dominican or "Spanish" Jokes? May 18, 0 0. Does anyone know of or where I can find some very funny dirty Dominican or Spanish jokes? I know the meaning of the joke may be lost when translated, so if possible, could you please provide a brief summary of the story and punchline?

Thanks, Helpmann. Hillbilly Moderator. Jan 1, 18, This is probably not the best place to look for these things Ask your Hispanic friends about the "Loro" Or "Pepito" jokes--these are quick ones. Pepito: Maestra?

Maestra: S? P: Los bombillos se comen? M: Pues, no Pepito,?

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P: Porque todas las noches mi Papi dice a mi Mami : "Apaga el bombillo y p? HB :laugh:. Hillbilly said:. Click to expand Last edited: Mar 1, Jan 3, 2, 8 0. Do you mean "bombero? Light Bulb?

You think HillBilly meant "lightbulb? MrMike Silver. Mar 2, 2, 0 50 www.

Jokes do not usually translate well if at all. Ocassionally I hear a joke that tickles me and I try to translate it into Spanish kind of as a language excersize but I kinda feel sorry for my employees who have to listen to my translated jokes and pretend to be tickled. My theory on this is that: Humor has been defined as appreciation for the difference between the way things are and the way they should be, the contrast between reality and ideals. People who speak English, and people who speak Spanish do not often have the same concept of the way things are, OR of the way they should be, neither the same perception of reality or the same ideals.

So obviously they are not often going to laugh at the same things. MrMike said:. Do "Dumb Blonde" jokes translate well?

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If not, if the words "Dumb Blonde" were substituted with the word "norteamericana" would the joke be the same, funnier, or less funny? You're Not Kidding!! Just a matter of opinion, but I don't think latinos pride themselves on dirty they're smarter than everybody else the same way uh, other people do so making fun of stupid people isn't as big a laugh for them. Also making fun of women is considered more "uncultured" than funny.

They might be willing to laugh at an uncultured person making fun of women, but to do it directly would mostly just be uncomfortable. Chirimoya Well-known member. Dec 9, 17, I've heard Dominicans telling 'gallego' jokes, but can't think of an equivalent to blonde jokes, no. Looking for Humor in the Dominican Republic Is there much cross-over in humor among Spanish speaking countries? In general, do Spanish-speakers all laugh at the same jokes? In the Dominican Pepito, is their a great divide among classes and races about what's joke and what is not?

From what I can tell misunderstandings are pretty funny to Dominicans, physical comedy is always appreciated and getting caught or nearly caught cheating on your spouse is pretty funny as long as its not actually happenning to you. But physical traits like skin color, race etc. Men dressed as women is always a winner Three's Company Dec 3, 0 0.

Believe it or not, "El Colmadero" magazine has a humor section and is always good for a few knee-slappers.

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