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Rebecca Silverman. Hensuki 's first episode feels like a tease. After an opening of Keiki, the protagonist, dreaming of boobs and under-clothed girls, the episode almost immediately launches into plain old school stuff, with Keiki going to school with his too attached sister and then heading to his club, where he and the other members begin to clean the room. When we get to the hook — that someone's left him an uned love letter and a pair of their pearly white panties — things seem like they're going to start moving a little faster, or at least in an ecchier direction, only for the episode to sort of stall while Keiki consults his buddy Shoma about his undergarment Cinderella.

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From the "cute" and even "innocent" perverts all the way to the most twisted, lecherous deviants of all time, this list explores the most popular anime perverts.

Dae perverted white hair anime girl?

Thanks to anime, we've come to not despise the archetypal perv, but actually like these nosebleeding deviants. Anime perverts are a staple in seemingly every franchise, be it a television show, OVA or film. Those exhibiting lecherous behavior Pervy be young or old like Tomoki Sakurai and Happosai, innocent or malicious like Izayoi Sakamaki and Hisoka Morow, as well as cute or disturbing like Misaki Kamiigusa and Danichirou Sanka. Follow along, as we explore the most popular perverted characters in anime!

What makes Tomoko Kuroki stand out among the many anime perverts out there are her numerous attempts emphasis on numerous attempts at keeping her lecherous ways hidden. Most of her anime are just that, mere figments of her imagination, like the many dubious "encounters" she has with the boys at school. These "daydreams" aren't just reserved for guys, though. They also revolve around her best friend, Yuu Naruse, where Tomoko fantasizes about groping her. While Tomoko's attempts at being a covert pervert should make her seem innocent, her rather peculiar relationship with her brother, Tomoki, blows that possibility out of the water.

19 super perverted ladies in anime

She has oftentimes asked rather strange and disturbing requests of him that would make anyone with a sibling uncomfortable, seeing as they normally border on the incestuous. But we still love her anyways. Most of Izayoi Sakamaki's perverted antics revolve around Black Rabbit. Hardly a moment goes by where he doesn't joke about her body like saying her "legs" belong to him or isn't proclaiming his want to claim her virginity.

One of his many perverted pranks involves him misusing the power of his copy of the Helmet of Hades, which, when worn, turns the wearer invisible. While donning this powerful artifact, he tickled Black Rabbit in a rather inappropriate way before she smacked him on the head with her ature paper fan, calling him out on his perverted actions.

Panty from panty and stocking with garterbelt

It doesn't help that Izayoi has even said that he's a vulgar and savage person as well as a hopeless hedonist. What's hilarious, however, is that it's quite possible that he respects a character named Shiroyasha because they're both perverts. Of course, his high opinion of her could be due to her strength, but for the sake of this article, we're going to say it's because they're both perverted. We first find him taking advantage of a rather strategically ingenious spot if one's hoping to peek up a girl's skirt.

Eikichi's problem is that he's just highly "enamored" with high school girls.

Best/funniest female pervert characters?

In fact, that's why he becomes a teacher-in-training to begin with: he hopes to get a class full of attractive, nubile girls. But we should feel sorry for him.

He's still a virgin. Just try not to take his fetish of smelling fresh panties too seriously.

Pervy anime

It's a sickness! However, his overt attraction to beautiful women can make him a complete jerk, seeing as he'll hit on a "friend's" girlfriend, even if her boyfriend is right there! Kimura is much like Eikichi in that he became a teacher because of his love for high school girls.

The big difference, however, is that Kimura is married.

Despite his marital status, Kimura comes up with as many excuses as possible to, as he calls it, "observe" his female students. The of places where Kimura has peeked on them is quite extensive, ranging from the school pool to the nurses office, where he watches them being measured and weighed. While Kimura has a "love" for all his female students, he girls have his favorites, such as Kaori and Kagura.

In fact, he once asked Kagura how her physical went and also told her, in English, that he liked her because she was wearing gym shorts he particularly enjoyed on her. If you're a fan of Sanji, then you should probably thank Nami because, without her, he probably wouldn't Pervy even agreed to Luffy's crew and therefore wouldn't have been a major character in the show.

The fact that Sanji claims that the reason why he did so is His infatuation with Nami has almost cost the lives of his crew anime numerous occasions, which goes to show how extreme his perverted "malady" can be. It shouldn't be knocked off as something curable. Heck, Sanji even enjoys it whenever Nami resorts to violence to make him stop harassing her! That aside, one of their greatest scenes occurred after Trafalgar Law used his devil fruit powers to switch their bodies. Imagine Sanji's delight about being in Nami's body!

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But enough about Nami. She isn't the only target of his perversion. In fact, his lust isn't just confined to the human race. Females of all types of species have been subjected to his "advances," including mermaids and minks.

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Of course, Sanji's lecherous way of life was only worsened after he spent two years on Momoiro Island, seeing as there weren't any women there. But that's a whole other story.

Hisoka's deviant behavior is different than most anime perverts in that he gets his jollies from fighting and getting beat down by strong foes. Of course, while sadomasochism as a fetish isn't anything new, Hisoka's specific tastes revolve around his insatiable thirst for blood. In fact, near-death experiences as well as the chance of fighting strong Nen users are literally "orgasmic" experiences for him. Hisoka is just as delighted or should we say, excited whenever he comes across people who could very well become great fighters one day.

In fact, he goes so far as to regard potential foes as toys. Unfortunately, Hisoka doesn't appear to discriminate what "toys" he'll play with in terms of age. The same can be said of their gender. Anyone and everyone is fair game Danichirou Sanka is probably one of the most disturbing anime perverts, period.

He's an incestuous pedophile. Danichirou's entire perversion revolves around his biological daughter, Rea, because she reminds him of his first wife.

So, of course, he would be attracted to her that was sarcasm, by the way. What's worse Pervy you could get any worse than thatDanichirou completely ignores his second wife as a result and utterly refuses to sleep with her. Some of the many creepy things Danichirou does is take pictures of Rea, which, would be normal, if it weren't for the fact that he's "attracted" to her and that he also takes nude anime of Rea on her birthday because it's his way of recording her growth. Any of Rea's friends who find her father's behavior odd and try to convince her of this are eliminated from their lives.

Danichirou's excuse, as he tells Rea, is that he's the only thing in the world that she ever needs. Issei Hyoudou is known for fantasizing about women, giving him the rather appropriate reputation of being somewhat of a creeper at Kuoh Academy. That being said, he is a hard worker. Issei's studious nature, combined with him being a perv, has led to a few things that many girls regret, namely the invention of a of inappropriate techniques. One such technique is the Dress Break the literal translation being Clothes Collapsewhich gives Issei the ability to girl the clothes off any girl who he comes in contact with.

Another favorite is Bilingual the literal translation being Breast Translation. With this technique, Issei can literally talk to breasts. While this allows Issei to learn what his opponents' plans and strategies are, there is, obviously, an underling reason why he chose that particular part of the body to talk to.

It should be noted that Bilingual has been banned in Rating Games, due to the complaints from various participants, all of them females. Kuroko Shirai's feelings for and especially actions towards Misaki Mikoto basically disprove Shakespeare's "Love is blind" saying because Kuroko's eyes are partially what have made her perverted.

The 15 most perverted female anime characters

Kuroko would absolutely love to see Misaki naked. Plus, Kuroko genuinely loves Misaki. Kuroko is always on the lookout for the chance to get intimate with Misaka, and her actions not only give her the reputation as being a perv, but even lead to her getting electroshocked.

Kuroko also has an album named "Onee-sama's secret," which includes pictures of Misaki. Even though Kon is a Mod-Soul that inhabits a stuffed lion, making it quite difficult for him to fully act on his perverted fantasies, you don't have to feel sorry for him. He takes full advantage of being a plushy toy because girls have a tendency of hugging cute things, especially stuffed animals who talk in cute voices. And when girls hug things, that action normally involves bringing whatever they're hugging in direct contact with their upper torso i.

5 most perverted anime /characters

The fact that Kon has an affinity for large breasts makes "hugging" perfect. Seeing as he's also small, his whole body ends up being crammed in between breasts when hugged. This is a wonderful place to Kon, one that he calls the "Valley of the Gods. The fact that Orihime has a rather impressive bosom, has made her the main target of Kon's "affection.

But this doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, one time after Rukia stepped on him, Kon was able to look up her skirt as she did so, exclaiming "Nice angle!

Tomoki Sakurai is a resourceful perv. Peepholes are child's play. He's customized a highly intricate pipeline that gets the job done But Tomoki's perverted intuitiveness isn't just limited to voyeur-enhancing instruments.

Once, he was also able to to dive into a pool filled with girls and tie them all up before they could do anything about it. But he isn't just a genius pervert. Tomoki appears to be blessed with super-human-like abilities, which he exploits whenever he can. For example, he seems to be completely impervious to kicks, punches and other forms of "attacks" aimed at his genitals. He's also been known to shoot lasers from that same region but more so in the manga.